Seawind info request

Hi guys,

I am putting my new Kyosho Seawind together and have a question. What angle should the main boom be at in relation to the gooseneck. Should it be at 90 degrees? I have carefully measured the threaded rod of the vang to the manual’s stated 95mm and not only does the boom appear to sit too high but the ball socket ends appear to be under strain because of the angle. Does anyone have a good side-on photo of how it should look. Any help much appreciated


Not sure where you are located, but, in Orlando has a fleet. You might try & contact Darrell K. He posted in a thread on: Footy NCR Regatta 1st Day Results.

Stuart -

visit the gallery section of the Seawind Class Owners site via AMYA web pages. LOTS of photos of Seawind builds, and probably will find some examples. Also a better place to post questions since it is a dedicated site… not that someone here couldn’t answer.

When I had a Seawind, I always used to set the boom at quite an angle so that the end of the boom was further out of the water when reaching. It was always an issue when the boom digs in as you heel over and end up rounding up