SeaWind AMYA Region 4

Hey all,

Just wanted all to know that the Air Capitol MSC out of Wichita, KS has bit and been accepted to hold the SeaWind championship regatta for region 4 of the AMYA. All interested are welcome to participate. It will be held June 3-5, 2005. Further details will be available on their website soon (


Don’t forget to have fun!!!

Thanks Travis!

As he said, the event will be held June 3-5 in Wichita, Kansas. A web page, NOR and entry form will be available for viewing/printing at the web site within a week.

We’d love to see some out of town skippers come in to join us for what will likely be a really enjoyable weekend. The only requirements are that participants are SeaWind Class Owners Association AND AMYA members, and their boats are compliant with current class rules.

Hope to see ya there.


Air Capitol Model Sailing Club