Seaview Showdown.

Coming up this easter is a knock-em-down, drag-em-out, all on contest between the cream of NZL Footy exponents sailed to the death. :pissed:

What a load of twaddle…but it grabs your attention right…what it is in reality is some sailing with a friend.:zbeer:
Brett is coming to Wellington to sail in the NZ Trailer Yacht Championships which are part of the Sail Wellington Easter Regatta in which I will be competing in the model yacht part of the regatta sailing my IOM.

So we shall get together and have a few beers and get to look at each others FOOTY creations and hopefully sail on my internet course to maybe set some times as part of the “NZL Postal Classic” worldwide event.

I will get some photos and post them here for all to see.:paw:

Daylight saving finished here last Sunday morning and I am always saddend when that happens as it foretells the end of the summer.
We are blessed at the moment with some excellent weather with gentle breezes and around 25 degrees centigrade. Most pleasent.
We are fortunate here to not have the extremes that some of you must endure in other parts of the world. :hot:

I know that the temperatures are beginning to rise in the northern hemispere and those with ice on their sailing water will be soon able to sail their yachts again.
Take heaps of photos guys post them here and let us all enjoy your pleasure.

well this week will be the big showdown!!!
I have been flatout sailing the Ross 780 daily…we have new sails and a highly polished crew. Roll on the NZ champs!!

But in the meantime I have put together a new footy to take to wellington to spank Ians little yellow duck,LOL
just kidding Ian.
Anyway I launched my new little critter yesterday and spent an hour tuning up.
I was quite pleased with performance.She is one of my old original “PipSqueak” hulls with a transom hung “BUG” rudder,as deep a fin as allowed with 250g lead ballast.the rig is my latest ultra simple Una type which is very light and automatic in the gust response dept.
This boat is a in between step to a new model which is not built yet,trials yesterday proved that I could be on the right path…time will tell.

Another week before we hear results…I can’t stand the suspense! A lot of bragging rights are on the line here.


REALLY. should we bring in a tv crew?:stuck_out_tongue: i mean, the out come of this race could shake the footy world… alright guys, button down the hatches, this could be big!

incedentally, i am excited to see the results…:rolleyes::wink:

I’m gunnin for the yellow duck, by I am heavily biased.
Wonder how the blue duck will work?

It`s Friday night 7pm and I have just spoken to Brett who sailed four races today in his Ross 780 and did well with 2 x seconds 1x third and 1x fourth to lead the competition by a small margin at the end of the first day.

Tommorrow morning 9am I start my two day IOM regatta and we hope to get together at the end of the day for some FOOTY racing.

I have my LAJABLESS complete and should have been out today tuning it up but life got in the way (as it does ) so I shall just have to see if my thoughts and mods were correct.:lol:
Watch this space.

Isn’t that great? We are having 25 degrees in Ohio too! :smiley:

With a high of 40 for Monday. I’m just not sure it it’s Christmas (again?) or Easter or what?

For what happens to careless ducks, see

What about a Footy like this?

:devil3: :zbeer:

I met up with Brett today but we were both tied up with our various class regattas and so unable to sail FOOTY`s together.
He and his crew had a most succesful day with two wins and a third in the three races held for the trailer sailors today.
He leads the National Championship regatta.

I also had a successful day with a few wins in the 14 races we sailed in our IOM regatta.
I am currently second in the standings with another day sailing tommorrow.
Brett and I have made arrangments to sail FOOTY`s late tommorrow.

The other good news is I finally launched “TAHI” and my report with pictures is in the LAJABLESS thread.

(Angus would you mind moving your posting to somewhere else so that this thread remains on the subject ) thank you my friend, no offence intended.

Brett and his crew on the ROSS 780 on which he sails as the tactician had a most excellent day with 2 x wins and a third to win the National Trailer Sailer Championship with two races still to sail on Monday which they do not have to compete in as they are so far ahead. Well done guys, the trip north was definitely worth it.
It also had a good regatta and ended up third which I am happy with.

Finally the showdown took place around 4.30 pm on easter Sunday with around 3-4 knots of breeze which was dropping out as the sun was going down.
The first photo shows the combatants armed with their weapons of choice.
A quick tuning session in the morning in which I had some range problems was a bit of a worry.
I cured my range problem by routing the RX antenna around the top of the deck.
Bretts “Pipsqueak” was sporting his new and revolutionary rig which I was given the secrets too (under the cone of silence)
His rig works a treat and I am about to try building one as I consider it to be the way of the future.
I set out the “Internet Course” at the end of my event and started a timed run before Brett arrived from his day on the harbour.
This was the first time out with the modified course which worked OK but will need just a little tweeking to make it perfect.
Brett arrived and we did a timed run for him as well.
Then we settled down to some match racing as the breeze was starting to lighten.
The “Pipsqueak” is a lovely boat to sail as we swapped boats to get a feel of each.
What a joy it was for me to share the fellowship and enthusiam of such a innovator and all round nice guy as Brett (and to be let in on the secret stuff, thanks mate us kiwi`s have to stick together.)

The showdown is over, with both combatants still alive and well and living in paradise.
Much was learned and will be used in the future to go further, faster and beyond where no man has yet been…

First congrats to you Brett and crew, well done!!! And those are some nice Footys too! But didn’t ya leave something out of this showdown report…or are ya just teasin’ us. Showdowns have results, don’t they?:slight_smile:

Who won the ‘Mug?’ Or did you get or bring your own?

Showdowns have results, don’t they?:slight_smile:
Well the result was that we both had a wonderful time, thank you for asking.:wink:

As for times set, who was fastest, which boat was best, who is the better helmsman, who can drink more beer, :zbeer: who can win at arm wrestling,
who can (fill in the blank) I am sorry that information is classified at this time for reasons of national security. (Beyond my control, sorry):devil3:

Never ask a Kiwi to give up his yachting secrets, eh?

nope, i hear thats the only time they are dangerous…:stuck_out_tongue:

i 5think they both died of luv

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH! You guys are cruel!!!:lol: Slap me down the suspense is killing us:p

Thanks guys,
Wellington put on a good show for us,not as much wind as we expected but the racing was keen and hard fought,
As Ian has said we managed to win the ROSS780 national championship with 2 races to spare,the NZ trailer yacht championship was held concurrently and we managed to win that on the last day(came down to the last race) both in line honours and corrected time as well.Despite our best efforts of derailing the campaign with an excess of Rum drinking after taking the 780 title!!

I didn’t have as much time to spend on the Footy sailing as I hoped,there is always something else to be doing when it comes to major contests.

I enjoyed my sail with Ian,he has been busy experimenting with various footy hull designs and of course various internet courses.
His latest boat is very nice indeed.bueatifully moulded hull by Nigel and carefully thought out “trick bits” by Ian.
Unfortunatly we didnt have much breeze for our sail…just enough at times though so we could get the boats moving well and compare notes.
Both boats appeared to have similar speed at times.
I may post some destils of my latest rig in another thread if there is interest.

Thanks Ian,nice time,Seaview is a nice place to sail and I hope the marina expansion doesn’t mean you will lose it as a venue.

pic below from the Ross 780 fleet,blue boat is us with a narrow lead.

Congratulations Brett!

Brett, I’m interested! I’m keen to learn anything I can about unarigs, especially at this scale :wink: