Searching Hull Plans


I’m a new IOM owner and I’m trying to build a IOM Hull, I’m searching diferents Hull Plans to determinate what construct.

Can yo send me plans of hulls?1…

Gracias por todo mi ingles no es nada bueno…

o0 CarloS 0o

o0 CarloS 0o

a spanish IOM Sailor

Anders Wallin’s page has links to a few free IOM designs. Of these, the Triple Crown has a growing following and proven performance.

If you are not yet an experienced builder, and want to try something that is a little easier to build as a ?first? IOM project, I’ve almost finished the first hull of an own-design double chine IOM, which I’ve designed to be a little easier and quicker to build than a strip-plank wooden/fiberglass IOM. The design is not intended to be highly competitive, but if well built, and fitted with good appendages and rig/sails, should be fine for club racing. She’s built with 11 shadows plus transom and bow plate/stem piece, but I could simplify this down to the standard 10 shadows. It may be sensible to wait and see how she performs, and I intend to post the design on the web once the first boat is sailing, but if you are not yet ready to tackle a project like, for example, the Triple Crown, I’d be happy to share this design now. Here?s a pic of the shadows on the building board, together with the keelson and gunwhale planks held in place by temporary screws.

Download Attachment: DB1.jpg


The hull plans that I have are:

Triple Crown

I would like to have more plans and that you recomend me to how plan is the best and competitive. If the plan is a litle dificult to build it’s not important.

I would like to construct the hull with wood.


o0 CarloS 0o

sorry but I don’t speak good english !! :frowning:

o0 CarloS 0o

a spanish IOM Sailor