Sea Breeze 1, M505 build

Taking shape :zbeer:

I could be wrong, but mast base “appears” to be a bit too far forward - unless your sail plan is for a mainsail with a rather large foot dimension, extending back past the hatch opening. ( a personal observation) Have you run CLR and COE numbers yet?

Most masts for a traditional rig, are seldom this far forward of the leading edge of the keel. I could be wrong, but my first impression is that you will have lee helm. Is jib designed for full mast height or fractional? If a small jib, you may be OK

Has nice lines - reminds me of a Lightning class boat. Will be interested to see final finish and hear how it sails.

:zbeer: Dick, sorry an M505 has a Una rig!:graduate:

It’s currently set up for a single main mast sail, Una rig, etc. to comply with M505 rules.

And can be converted to a typical Bermuda rig with a small jib and a large main sail that will extend just behind the hatch opening.

Since the mold is made, I can make a whole bunch of hulls with different configurations.

Right now, I want something that will be fun to sail around.
There are only three of us around the US building a hull.
One is complete with main and jib sails.

We have about about 25 interested members in our yahoo group. Not much currently happening. Maybe once we get a few boats in the water, more folks will jump on the bandwagon…

that looks absolutely lovely sven! very nice shape! geez, now my new one looks like the ugly duckling… :stuck_out_tongue: best of luck, and who knows, i may be contatcting you about a hull!.. maybe…:wink:

now i have to go build…

great job once again!:zbeer: