Scratch built

thought you all might find this interesting.

these pictures are of my dads latest tinkering “creation” (retirement is good to him). started off with a winning bid on ebay for a glass case model (1 foot model). about halfway through the building of the model, he got the idea to double the scale and scratch build an r/c copy of the boat. what he ended up with is, quite frankly, breathtaking (yeah i?m a little biased). right down to the nitty gritty details, the boat turned out like a showpiece. it has no ballast and is made completely from scratch. the hull uses wood stations with polycarbonate sheet laminated to the stations. sails are fabric (stolen from moms sewing room!) with clear coat urethane. the only modification from the 1 foot model was rudder size, as the model?s rudder was not large enough for a working model. it has been test sailed in a very light breeze and was apparently very neutral helmed.

i only hope that one day my talents can shine like his (but i wont be holding my breath!)


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