Scow Footy

Check out the Scow Footy that Pete Jefferson has built:

I’ll get all the details from him and post them later, but the bump in the cabin is again the drum winch sitting sideways similar to what he did with the cat footy, hull material is the surfboard foam, and I think he went with the shorter rig again.

He has demanded satisfaction from our last race and has challenged me and my footy to a match race with his Scow. I am hoping the duel will take place tomorrow and we will be racing for pink slips, LOL.

Very nice - keep us filled in.

NB If I try really hard, I can interpret that bumpkin as being illegal.



Very serious question. Why is everyone in the US goinf for beautifully built rigs about 2 feet off the deck? Surely there is almost everything to be said for keeping the feet of the sails pretty close to the deck - particularly on wide-bodied boats.

it looks sexy. and high aspect rigs are romantic. and “M’s” look sorta like that… i think it is mainly looks… my newest boat is going to hav e swing rig that it 15" tall, and almost rubbing the deck with the booms…

Grabs the moto tool and starts cutting the mast bases*

The scow looks cool, are there any drawings he can share to build one?


Ahhh… Looking in the mirror again? :wink: Just kidding, mate. :smiley:


I will ask if he will share the drawings. I saw them a few weeks ago, right after he finished his Cat. They did not have numbers or anything, but I think it was just a concept he whipped up. He is fast becoming a footy factory.

-Angus, I think the picture is a bit deceiving. The booms are not that high off the deck, it’s the angle of the photo? I will try and get a side shot of the boat tomorrow.

It was going pretty good from what I saw. Pete was a member of the protest committee in this past weekends Regional IOM Regatta, and he caught the attention of quite a few IOM skippers with his little yacht.

That’s the area where innovations and experimenting should be done! It looks like something you could make from balsa-covered foam.

Indeed it does Tomohawk… warming up the hot wire.
I would love to see some sailing photos if at all possible sds?

Graham in Wisconsin where we not only walk on water, we drive on it!

I had a dialog going with somebody ( Rob Amoral I think) who had a beautiful scow he built, which didn’t have a keel on it. “It was a handful!” he says. I think it was about 14 inches wide.

I think I might still have a photo of it someplace in my hard drive ( which has 80 Billion paces to lose things.) :scared:

Well, due to work, a bout with the common cold and influenza, and the need to bring an IOM up to speed, I have nothing to report on the footy duel with the Scow. Hopefully it will happen this Wednesday. I did pass on the request for plans/drawings and Pete was very happy to oblige. So here be the plans…

Here is a re-write of the notes that got a little chopped:

  1. Scale: 1cm = 1inch approx
  2. Boat wt. 2lbs
  3. Compartment below hatch 3X6X1 1/4 inches deep
  4. Keel 8.5 inch below bottom
  5. Mast 27" above deck
  6. Drum, Sail control unite
  7. Main and Jib sheet. see photo
  8. bottom flat midships to transom. Increase ‘V’ to bow.
  9. chine 1/4" round-not shown
  10. backstay

It looks like a razor that’s been stretched, and the bow chopped off…

thx for look. I tyhink I’ll give it a go after I finish what I’ve got now.


interesting hull… whaat happens in a chop?

Thanks for posting the plan, Bruce. And be sure to pass on my thanks to Pete. His approach is really interesting, with boats significantly heavier than what many of us have been building. Of course he can carry more sail that way, so I’d sure like to get some comparison info of Pete’s boat versus, say, an American Footy? The displacement vs. sail area tradeoff is one that has a lot of room for exploration.

Bill H

Well in conditions that warranted flying the red flag (from a footy’s point of view) and neither of us using a ‘B’ Rig we had our match race. First some photos…oh, the Gray Boat #52 is the Scow and the Red Boat # ?? American Footy. Bill I turned in my Footy Registration with my AMYA renewal, did Michelle send it to you yet?

A shot of the two footys doing some windward work:

A good shot of the scow hull at work:

I think that in the stronger breeze we had today, the scow was faster downwind as its upturned prow just seemed to stay above the water. I think in the lighter stuff the advantage would be for the red boat. Upwind I’d say slight advantage to red boat due to slightly better acceleration although when top speed acheived they seem to match well in the conditions. Would it still be a scow if you rounded some of the sharper edges slightly? The way i have seen the scow sail in the light air, I think it could carry much more sail. I really love Pete’s boats and his creativeness. Notice the little wind indicator on the scow? Anyways, here is a poorly made video of the two footys racing. You can see the acceleration difference but when the scow gets moving they are pretty much the same.