Scoring Programs

I use the Sailwave ® scoring program which is available from I find it handles every situation that I’ve had to toss at it, and the price is exceptionally good! (read 0)

I think you are perhaps responding to my suggestions about ‘Race Log’. The use of programs like this when you are on a desktop computer at home is very different from their use at pondside. Have you tried using a laptop at pondside with Sailwave?

Yes, my only computer is a laptop. It has a battery life of about 3 hrs, so on the racecourse I use it sparingly, recording results after each race and saving the file. All application and data are stored locally. I have an inverter on the 1:1 boat I race and for the car, so I can use that power source as well. As with any scoring program, the bulk of the work is in entering the regatta and contestant info, after that scores for a race take just a few minutes to record. Then back at the club I can use the wifi to upload a web page of results generated by the program.

yes, a small lap top on the verandah works perfectly rolling and pitchingand so much easier than on a committee boat

I downloaded and scanned through Sailwave, and found it much more elaborate than Racelog, but it seemed to suffer from the same deficiency in that there was no provision for A & B, or Even-Odd fleets, with promotion and relegation after each set of heats, which makes up a prominent part of Radio sail racing when there are too many entrants compared with radio-frequency conflicts. This may change with the new gigahertz radios.
In addition Racelog has drag-and-drop recording of finishes, which can occur in very quick succession in model racing. This is why I was enquiring about any experience with the use of a laptop at poolside. The program presents two lists side-by-side on the screen with all competitors on one side, and you merely drag each one by mouse to the other list as they finish, along with any assessed penalties, such as DSQ, DNS, DNF etc.

I use Javascore for dinghy regattas, but no provision for A&B heats. There’s probably a workaround by scoring half the fleet as DNF for each heat, then allowing a number of discards equal to the number of races. All of the DNF’s are thrown out, leaving only heat scores. I’ll have to try it out one day :slight_smile:

You can drag and drop finishers, in Javascore, or just double click on each as they finish. That is much quicker than dragging.

I only know of a spreadsheet set up for HMS racing, and have never used it.

PS, Javascore is also FREE

Computer scoring by laptop at pondside seems such an obvious benefit for RC sailing (as opposed to big boat sailing where there is lots of time to score and calculate finishes). When half a dozen boats might finish in less than half a minute, and the next heat or race occurs in 5 minutes time, the benefit seems so great that I’m surprized that no one has extended these scoring programs to RC sailing.

Sailwave uses a concept named “Flights” to handle the A&B or Odd-Even scheme. I do think the entry of finishes in sailwave is a little cumbersome for pondside direct entry, so I like to have an official track finishes on a ‘pencil list’ (whiteboard, etc) to verify the recorded finishes in the program.