Scoreboard (online)

It has come to my attention that a online scoreboard be developed for fleets and others to keep track of standings and locations of members.

I can host the database here. Just need the application that you would want to use or have developed.

How does this look Chad?

Bop around the demo site some. It tracks all kinds of game data and stats.

I am game. you want me to setup and we see how it goes?

Just hang fire a sec! The enthusiasm is marvellous - but, as an eminent yacht designer said, high performance is a positive disadvantage if applied in the wrong direction!

I think we need a slightly more detailed specification of what we are trying to achieve before we go at it hammer and tongs. And - although I agree that everyone must have their say - an open forum is not the place to hammer out the detailed design of a piece of software: the result will be over-weight, underperforming and adorned by ever bell, whistle and chime known to man.

How do we deal with this?

A. (Once upon a time a software enginerre)

I nominate Angus. Second? :devil3: Angus seems to have experience with racing result management and software. Take a look at what GameTrack can do and set it up for Footy racing. Call on anyone you like for help but do it offline (forum-wise) until you think it needs input from the masses. Chad sounds willing.

The only requirement I see is for it to handle timed runs on the Internet course, maybe Bill’s half course, and fleet racing. I have no idea how to arrange divisions or link results that might be part of a race series? I’ll help but I’m new to the sport and may not be of much use.

My up-to-date software expert tells me that map software of the type used by the people Tallastro has been crossing swords with is available, essentially without restrrictions, from Google. Anyone got any direct experience?


PS Checking it, it looks pretty good!

Here’s the info for using Google’s map APIs

I have solved my problem with links on the Frappr site. Turns out it was my own fault. One shouldn’t QC their own code. In my defense, malformed html links usually don’t link back to the original site. Anyway, we can use Frappr until something more robust is ready. Link/content suggestions are welcome.

First priority should be figuring out what we’d like to track and how those stats may affect status. The business rules need to come first, then an application can be found or written.

Other software news, GameTrack is looking less likely to work for us. It’s just not set up for this kind of thing. There’s another sourseforge project called “JavaScore - Regatta scoring for sailing” that might be closer. I really think we’ll need to find a php/perl/java coder to help us out here. The database might be simple but the reports could be quite complicated.

Tallastro: this is going well but this forum is a very clumsy means of communication. Could you give me an email address amd/or a phone number (better)? My email is


just to keep it visible!

Do not move in haste to toss out internet reaction and participation … on this very site, the FOOTY was presented to, and adopted by, the masses … well, at least enough people to create a new class within AMYA.

In the “real world” of sailing, the Flying Tiger 10 Meter was created through an open forum and designed by Bob Perry. At 30 feet long, and recently starting it’s sailing/racing career, the entire idea was also born on the internet and forum discussion.

Bill and Brett have already been victims of folks not happy with the rules, I suggest you allow all disussion to take place in the open and pick the best ideas.

Just my opinion, I could be wrong. :wink:

I totally agree. The message to |Tallastro was to pick up on a prely technical issue that we had been discussing by PM - which then ceased to work.

Anything beyond doodles should be out in the open - but doodling is best done in private!


Ok. I ll hold off. (Want this to be more formal)

Step one: Requirements

What are the requirements for this idea?


  • You want to be able to keep time scores over distance and boat type
  • Scores should be able to be comparable automatically ?
  • Scores should be comparable to Proximity ?


  • Intergrate into vB with location and username
  • Allow Multiple groupings or individual boats (allow for event postings)

Just thought I would help kick start this.

Additional requirements
Fleet scoring. maybe even include course times with the solo runs if using the internet course for fleet racing. Flag records as solo or part of a fleet.

Temporal groupings - sort of a distributed regatta format. Everyone has 1 week to make a timed run and get it posted. Maybe a best of the month awards.

Race conditions - I don’t know if we can normalize or handicap times based on conditions but it would be fun to look at. Record average wind speed, gusts, and amount of chop (average wave height). I’m getting a wind meter soon and would like to rationalize the purchase. :stuck_out_tongue:

Boat type - since this is an open class, would it be good to record a few things about the boat?