Schooner video, Proa video

Here’s a video of a proa I made a while back that has a downward pulling foil on the windward Ama. The foil is fairly deep so it stays immersed a bit when heeled or in waves but you still need a kayak or something to follow it.

and heres another one of my Crowninshield Schooner at Christian Science Pool

hope this works

Is the proa r/c? Is it Footy-size?

If not, are ya going to make one? Just wondering.

well since you ask, I’ve been pondering making an R/C proa. It’ll have to be added to my list of projects. It would be quite interesting though. Its not always convenient to have a chase boat so I’ve also been pondering making one with a leeward float of some sort so it won’t turtle. It would also have to have a relatively short rig to help prevent pitch poling the other way as well.
I’m less interested in the quest for speed than I am in making something practical and workable as a model

I’ve seen models of the Harry Proa on youtube but I really like the look of the traditional pacific proa for artisitc reasons.

One idea would be to shape the main hull more like a double ended scow or put foils at either end

but the main question is weather its worth going to the trouble of making an R/C proa if the thing is going to flip over anyway like all the other Multihulls. I do like the simplicity of not having all those electronic parts to bother with.

on the other hand it would be pretty neato to be able to shunt it without having to paddle after it. would need a winch with a hell of a lot of travel especially for a large model.

On shunting, one Idea would be to have a rubber band going the length of the main hull which would shunt the rig only once along a track on the deck. The serve could release a catch causing the one shunt.

I could keep going for pages on the subject of proas but…
gotta go job hunting

Kind of fun, both of them. I lived within a few blocks of the reflecting pool for years, but I don’t think I ever saw a sailboat model on it. In fact, I may have been living on the same block you are on now, according to your web site.

Wondering why the proa was in the open and not on the lagoon. Do they still sail there?

I used to sail on the Lagoon all the time before my Daughter was born last year. We had Ten R/C Lasers belonging to the Esplanade Association which we administered to the local passers by on weekend afternoons.

I used to Schlep my Vintage Marblehead down there on a cart, about a een minute walk. In fact, I used to carry the VM the whole way before I made the cart.

Its still a great place to sail, really steady winds, nice big pond, only draw back is its hard to get to on four wheels if you plan on parking anywhere within eight miles

Yup. I’ll bet you got a lot of questions about your boat, too. That’s a pretty busy area.

The four wheels you’d need are a bike and a trailer.

When I lived in Waltham, I used to do the same thing with a full sized (well, sorta, it would carry us) pram. One day a passing motorist yelled out “Noah!”.

At this point, I’m fortunate enough to have a pond a 5 minute walk away, although I’d have to build a model to use it, and I’ll admit I find sailing a model by myself a bit boring. Maybe I’ll have one done by the time all those horrible leaves sink.

Few years ago I made a sorta full sized one person only (7 foot) Bolger “Queen Mab” sailing dinghy which I carried to the Charles on a custom two wheeled cart. The cart fit under the deck when sailing.

I remember trundling it past the bus stop at the corner of mass ave and Boyleston and there was this homeless guy who would absolutely never be convinced that I made the boat. He kept saying “no way man, you made that?”

I had fun bringing it down the elevator too.

here’s some pics