"Schooner America 1851"

Hello forum:

  • I would like to know if anyone has the plans for the bower of the “Schooner America 1851”. to build a “RC” scale 1/25, preferably.

Thanks to all.

OK, so they’re not 1/25, but a set is available from here;


Good luck,


or you can get them here for free…


yes you need to be able to translate some sort of crylic to read the web site… but the plans are fine…

tons of neat stuff… the plans for america are TIFF files. I woudl imagine if you took them to a print shop you could get them blown up to the size you want.

These appear to be static model, which means it would not sail properly unless you added a fin keel or did some sort of modification below the waterline

have fun hee is home site…tons of boats from around the world

I have the kit from sterling models, a big 51" long rc boat, Been looking for it for years and finally won it in an auction at ebay, the plans are fine if I could make a copy for you if you want. Since I love this boat I would like to have some advice before building cause I have not too much experience and I do not wan

I do not want to ruin it



-Thanks for the offer, the truth of things, I want your plans copy, I send my “e-mail” in private post for the shipping, thanks.
-If anything can I help you with the construction of 51, tell me please.

-Thank you very much and apologize for not having answered before, I did not see your post.

some help :


and last see here scroll, before last, you get into : America -Yacht , where you can download the plans


-Hello good friend, that was more than “some help”, I really appreciate it, this information will be very useful to me.