Scale Sailing


Some photos of my Schooner, Bluenose and my J Class, Endeavour, sailing at the Southport Lifeboat Rally last Summer.
Endeavour is still under construction, needs Cabins, Planked Deck and a Scale paint job, laid up at the moment being worked on.
Bluenose is an old stager, 17 years old and still going strong !.



Beautiful pictures and boats!!!

Where did you find plans for both the Bluenose and the Endeavour? Have searched locally for plans but they seem to be far and few between for many of the schooners.

Very Beautiful boats!

we need more scale sailboats

I’m working on it… :slight_smile:



Ok I have so many questions !! PLEASE PLEASE give more detail about this project

Also where did you find the plans for her

Dang fine looking ship

It started as so many things do, long ago, and far away.

Well, not so far, but definitely long! It’s a project that was shelved for a long time and recently picked up again. Now I’m really trying to have her sailing along side her namesake in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor by August 26th - the anniversary of the original’s launching.

My site for the project is at:

or click the sig below (if it shows up this time).

Hello Jerry,

Very impressive building !,
Never seen the “Packing Tape” method used before, how do you seal the Tape to make it waterproof ?.
Do you have to seal the Hull insides as well.
I have seen boats made from Card, they were sealed with Varnish, but never seen the Tape.

On this Forum, years ago, there was a section devoted to “Scale Sail”, looks like we need another one now.

The Plans for my Bluenose were scanned from Chapelles book “The American Fishing Schooners”, then did lots of searching on the Web for more details.

The Endeavour Plans were scanned from Ian Dears book “Enterprise to Endeavour”, then more web searching !!.

Scale Sail is MUCH better than other types of models in my opinion, very nice to meet others of the same views!.

John. :slight_smile:

The plan was to make a plug for a glass mold based on the method used by William Mowll for his HMS Warrior, but after all this time, I’m strongly leaning toward glassing the plug itself so I can get moving along. August is only a few weeks away.

If I go that route, I’ll glass the outside, pull out the forms, and put a couple of layers of roving inside, encasing all the battens and tape.

The project waiting in the wings is the first Pride of Baltimore in 1/24th, which will be a more traditional glass covered wooden hull. That one will be fitted out as she appeared in 1981 when I sailed on her.

I wanted to do Pride in 1/36 to match Constellation, but there just wasn’t enough room in the hull at that scale, and Constellation at 1/24th would be something like 8 feet on deck? That wouldn’t fit in my truck!

Very nice JayDee, I like your Blue Nose! Wondering if you have seen this site They are rebuilding her…or so they say, actually she will pretty much be a new vessal.

Hello Jim,

Yes, I have been watching the “rebuild” - - - from the ground up!.
There is no way they can say the boat is being repaired, all the parts are brand new.
I wonder how many parts of the original boat will be included into the new one?.
If any !!.
If so, will the boat be “Bluenose 11” or “Bluenose 111”, seems a bit odd to me to be so drastic.

We shall see.

JayDee. :confused: