Scale/Open Regatta

Some time ago a discussion about a place to host an “open” regatta to the model yachting community came up. This would be an event that was not class specific but would be open to all scale/RC and RC Sail enthusiasts.

Well… Just such a place has raised their hand and are willing to host such and event. I met with the folks at Mystic Seaport in Mystic Connecticut last week and this type of event was discussed. The Seaport is actively looking for ways to attract new exhibits/events to the Seaport. They really have embraced the model yachting community and as a result are willing to do pretty much anything we offer.

The ideas that were discussed were holding both a weekend regatta of a specific class like the EC12 as well as casual sailing of other classes and models. While this is underway, a shore side static and RC display will also be underway.

In order to get this underway and in the planing stages for next summer, I need some help from you guys who may know some of the non-racing scale and RC sailing folks who might be interested in such and event.

I look forward to your input and comments.

Chuck Luscomb

There a quite a few active scale sail threads at It might be worth announcing it there as well.