Scale Masts

What are the options for a large mast? I found the Carbon Teardrop mast that is manufactured in Germany for the Walicki Skalpel, but it is nearly $300 plus another $300 for shipping. This would obivously come down if we were able to get together a group order, but I won’t hold my breath. Larry Ludwig has Aluminum tear drop masts that he says will support up to 2000 sq. in. of sail. My 1:12 scale TP52 will be right on the edge of 2000 without a spinnaker, I don’t have spinnaker plans for this boat now, but down the line that may change and I don’t want to be hindered by my mast choice. The skalpel mast is 84" and that seems to me to be just about the exact length I will need to keel step the mast on my TP 52. What are my other options? The key is a scale look. I have seen Larry’s J-Class masts that will support up to 6000 sq. in., but they don’t have the look I am going for, but it is good to know that they are there if needed. Thanks for the help.

-Andrew Miller


How many can they ship together? What are the real numbers if we order several? I am building track mast of Alaska Cedar and Sitka Spruce with tappering at the top for the larger models. DD

I will send them an email. I have a feeling it would have to be coordinated on our end as to be viewed as one order from their end. I am fine taking on the “middle man” position if we have enough people interested, it just doesn’t make sense for only 1 mast, as beautiful as it is.

Andrew & Dean -

It was my plan to build mine using some straight grain spruce - and insetting a jackwire down the rear of the mast so the luff edge will be inside a slot on rear of mast.

Not what I would want if I had a choice, but I certainly am not paying to have Walicki ship “himself” out of the country. :rolleyes:

Besides, with the requirements of a scale look and only some questionable racing afterwards, the extra bit of weight of the mast probably is negligible on a boat this size (72 inches).

If worst comes to worst, I can always rip the mast down the center, and route out the interior, epoxy back together and wrap in some fine glass cloth. Of course, if I stayed with multihulls at this scale, I could fabricate a wingmast from glass/foam and be done with it. Either way, once painted it will be hard to tell what or how it was made.

I have considered foil shaped spreaders as a mast but again, shipping costs from NZ are a killer for only a few.

Perhaps Larry can convince his source to extrude a few longer ones - even if it means an extra spreader - or runners for mast support?

Just a thought or two.

I hear that there is a guy in Detroit that is making c/f masts for the new A/C class boats, I think they are over 100" and teardrop and are grooved.


I was at that shop…did see the mold. I will follow up on the progress. DD

Dean -

I’ve spent time looking through what catalog items you have - and it would really be helpful, if you can pull off the items and list separately that would work for the 1/10 scale class. Trying to switch between fractional inches, metric and not knowing the true size of a “big” boat winch (as example) is frustrating, and leaving me feeling pretty inadequate. (even my wife says that ! :wink: )

Would be nice to see a recommended list of travellers, blocks, winches, wheels, pedestals, etc. Also stancions, pulpits, horseshoe rings, etc. all compiled in an easy to use/see list. I did find a supplier (U.K.) of 1/10 scale figures, but they only provide a skipper and watch - no rail crew, so I wrote and suggested them - but must admit photos look pretty stupid with the crew on the leeward rail instead of the windward one!

If you want assistance I will be happy to help out format into a list, with photos, etc. that provides easy reference to potential builders/buyers. Since you have so many scale sizes available, a buyer’s list for 1/10 sure could improve sales and information. Otherwise I have to climb around on a real boat to measure stuff adn then convert and then scale and then try to find (or make) something.

Just a suggestion.


Many thanks,…the web site that you are relating to is over 14+ years old. Currently I have two distinct customers:Scale and functional/scale. For example I have a 3/4" J boat full size deck plan which I am putting together a package for the customer. Other is a 1/12th scale show/sailing model which the customer gave specific Harken part numbers and I match to suit.

Somewhat frustrated not to have someone to cost effectively put the Miniature Harken 2007-08 catalog to print and web.

At this point I can put together sizes and suggestion’s to assist until help arrives.

1/8th scale tracks,cars and travelar systems are the best for r/c sailing at this point.

Send me a deck plan or someway I will help. Dean

Dick and Dean,

I’m working thru the Harken Catalog at the moment with a view for the 1/10 Class as I’ve done a few full size deckhardware fit outs in my time.

I’ll hopefully have it sorted soon I hope.



Have you tried Buntock’s in the UK, Graham informs me that whilst he’s got a limited supply of Carbon “Groovy” sections he has a good stock of Alloy sections available.

Hope this helps mate.


Dick and all 1/10 builders,

Although I have no catalog as yet…The amount of capital towards engineering and ramping up production is quite involved. I can send anyone a few pages as what new products we are stocking up now. From 32 different s.s. tangs to carbo designed looking block’s with ball bearing’s and a host of other fine detail parts…DD

P.s. 14kt gold plating block’s also available

Dick and HcW,

Please see: models in progress and then page 9,then click “H” to see some posted today. DD

Well I got a response from the source of the Walicki masts today. He said that they can fit up to 10 masts in a single package and that shipping would only go up nominally due to the weight, but he would be willing to do that. There are several things that would need to be decided, length of mast (max 84"), complete or bare mast (masts can come with all the fittings). My thoughts are, since most of the masts if not all will be used for Scale boats, I plan on ordering a bare mast of the max length, I would prefer to do all the measuring with the mast in hand and therefore would be handcuffed to do the cutting as well. As stated earlier, the bare mast is in the $300 range and shipping is about the same so we are talking $330/mast if we can get 10 orders. That seems like a tall order so email me or PM me, if you are interested. This might be worthy of it’s own post as well so look out for that.

Just an outside comment before everyone forgets. You then have the cost of sub-distribution within the USA!


Sorry to be late to the party, but could you tell me the link or URL where I can go and see “models in progress”, please? Thanks!

Some progress(anything helps promote-right?)can be seen at: please click: products,then click models in progress,then click page 9,then scroll down and click H for Harken.

until new web site is up for both Model Marine LLC and Miniature Harken,this will have to do in order to help assist inquiries. Much is done in “bulk” so,what you see is only a part of what is going on. :slight_smile: DD

For those still considering/thinking of 1/10 scale, I would also suggest hitting “T” for photos of Dean’s TP-52 under construction.

I think he “teased” us with one or two shots - more here of layup, keel, sails, etc.

Nice stuff !

You may want to approach Avia Sport and other carbon tube manufacturers here in the US (McLean Composites, Aerospace Composites, etc.) and ask them what they can produce here in the US. It may be quite possible to take mandrel wrapped or extruded forms and by simply changing the epoxy type and extrusion tooling to make the same layups conform to another shape. The milling of a slot can easily be done by the modeler using a simple jig to guide the workpiece and the proper high speed bit in a dremel tool or laminate router with a fixed base.

Another method is to heat the available carbon products until the material becomes soft enough to draw through your own tooling, and then carefully lay the shaped part into a channel created to hold it straight while the resin hardens once again.

Conversely, if you have the ability to machine the male form or mandrel for the product you need, just about anybody can make parts from it by wrapping the mandrel in wetted carbon fiber. You would have to make the part highly polished and specify the number of wraps or wall thickness of the finished part so some engineering calculations would be in order.

Just some thoughts,