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So I was looking at my brother’s BOCesque 36/600 and Laser the other day, and thought to myself, “is it really true that this 3 foot hull can’t plane?” Which brings me to my coupled question:

Is it true that a small model hull cannot (or not without great difficulty) plane? And if this is “true,” how big must a hull be for it to plane? Anybody investigated this?

Obviously boats 11 ft long plane (old moths), so how much smaller can a hull be before it will not plane?

Or, will a 3ft hull plane just fine without needing a gale to push it?



There is nothing inherent in a 3 foot long hull that says you cannot get one to plane. My 5 year old son has a 2 foot long toy tugboat. We dragged that tougboat behind a small sailboat at a fairly slow speed (3-4 mph???) and it planed the whole time.

I think what it really boils down to is the large amount of ballast that is ususally found on model yachts. I bet if you took the RC laser hull and removed the ballast and dragged it by pulling a string, it would plane easily. But with the 5+ lbs of lead on the bottom it is going to take a lot to get that sucker up on step…

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Will Gorgen

hmmm thinking out loud…

I saw somewhere a boat without bulb, but the keel in form of a foil…so no bulb, and as I could understand, the foil kept the thing from capsizing…btw it s 50cm monohull.

maybe it could be do-able to do the same with the rc laser


but then again i am no pro at all…just an idea

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