Scale Class proposal

Open for comment…

The 1/10th class idea was at first very exciting to see the input. I have added some new models and have retooled older ones.

Here are the list of what I have and hope others might find this interesting to look into… 36 years ago I had a group of us who sailed various models with a type of handicap system. This seemed to work well at that time. I would like to see if others would be interested .

scale will be: 1/4,1/6,1/8,1/10,1/12 and 3/4"=1’

Handicap would be based on a rating system.

Regards, Dean Derusha

Hi Dean ----

Always interested is seeing new ideas emerge to encourage and grow the hobby of r/c sailing.

I’ve also been on the sidelines looking for more options and methods to develop handicap databases so more clubs sailing only one or two “club” boats could provide open class racing for sailors in the same area - but with non-club/sanctioned boats.

Regards, Dick

Hi Dick,

Thank you for your reply. I am only trying to facilitate…not selling anything at this point. 1/4 scale now is: DN,Nite and Renegade models. 1/4 scale for Optimist and now the 420. One design in 1/6 scale such as 420,Ensign and maybe a Flying Scot. Big Boat 1/8 scale:Flying Tiger 10meter,and the Colgate 26. 1/12 scale Thomas T-35(from chicago mac area). Last, International offshore 1/10 scale: Dubois 50.

Anyone interested to see any of these I will be happy to send pic to you. I will advertise when the time is right and will support this forum properly.

Thank you Dick for all of your input…I do miss Bill K. Regards, Dean Derusha

Dean -
from watching interest here that Claudio generated in his AC33 boat build, depending on cost, there might be some interest in a short kit (or even a full kit with hull provided) that would fit in with Claudio’s proposed size range. Also, as an FYI - Wick Smith back there in Michigan has been pulling a new Cup Series boat together that is around 1:7 size (if my memory is correct) - and with five or six already on the water and sailing in Detroit. That might also be a class/boat that might wind up as an AMYA sanctioned class in the not too distant future.

Given the (relative) crap that people buy (ETNZ as example) that requires a bunch more work to just be marginally acceptable, the interest is there. Unfortunately, when people only budget $200 for a ready-to-sail boat, I guess they are willing to put up with the additional work (and money) - and I’m not sure you would want to be connected to something like “that” kind of quality - given what I’ve seen from you in the past and directly related to your quality levels.

When new sailors grumble about a $9.00 PeKaBe block - I am tempted to suggest they build their own. I know you can’t legislate wisdom, and often “Stupid” can’t be fixed. I do acknowledge the economy issue which currently “IS” a component.


This different drum has been beating since I was a kid…twice I gave or thrown away perfect molds(including KZ-1 3/4" scale of 1988 cup. 2 -NIRVANA pj BUILT MAXI in 1" scale, Henderson 30 in 1/8 scale,…and many others. Father said: he is finally sprucing up(1998)

Well,…the desire is strong as ever and the type of design’s keep the fire going. For example: I have mocked up a 1/12 scale Alerion Express 33 with all the fine details and Harken. Teak decking/bass stained like teak. ect,…what a beautiful design! Two keels of course. Dean