Santiago the one of Footy Italia

Hi All and sorry for not presenting my self before.

I’m an Italian Footy owner, 37 years old and come from Turin in northern Italy… and in this last time finding some problems with my site and the group i take part.

Just becouse I can’t answer anymore in the discuss I opened few day’s ago please allow me to let you know what Footy-Italia and the Footy Italia Team really is :slight_smile:

  • The website is not the official website of the Italian Footy-Class-Association

AND IT NEVER SUPPOSED TO BE! Like you can check every time you want in this site it is only supposed to be an achievents of footy news, info, links projects, a place where people can meet and decide to regatta togheder and the site of the footy italian team who partecipate to the last gold cup in le havre.

  • Over this website sailnumbers and boats can’t be registered

AND THERE ARE NO PLACE in this website WHERE YOU CAN DO IT. In the link page there is the name and the link of all the footy registrars in the world so anyone can find the one. You can find also a page for footy-italia sailors and friens, but in any case no ones cares about the sail numer and no place in the site are dedicated to do this, Flavio Faloci is correctly indicated as our registrars AS ALWAYS FOUND in the site.

  • Making use of the official documents of the Footy-Class (e.g. racingrules and measurement rules) is not permitted for people that not recognize the IFCA as an authority.

This is quite a miss understanding for me. If means with racing rules you mean regatta rules… :confused: If you mean with racingrules - footy rules, I thins that a page of this rules (translated if possible) should be in every page that talks of footy possibly.

  • After the rules of IFCA any registration for an international event must be verified by the official local registrar of IFCA.

Like well showed and linked in our links page.

Now, overall the words up there and to be sincere, Footy-Italia born from a dozen of friends who like footy, who wants to grew up like fleet in italy, who need to collect footy info and friends all over the world, the only reason why the only site not linked from us is is that we will never receive any visibility from this site, to say it all some of us received a sort of intimidating mails who talks about sailingnumers banning for the reason to organizing our reggattas and partecipate with our footy group, and to be true, even if we don’t care so much about sailing numbers but just trying having fun and find new friens, this is starting to becoming a little hurting.

Thanks in advance if you wuold let this ‘presentation’ and reply on.

Cristiano Santiglia. (alias Santiago)
Footy ITA 76.
web master of