SAILX trainer

Have you ever heard of SAILX?

SAILX ( ) is the evolution of the former Tacticat environment. A virtual sailing tool created by sailors, supported by Spanish Sailing Federation and providing tactical and rules training for sailors world wide.
Some of our more active sailors come from RC world.

It works as a social network where sailors from different countries, cultures and disciplines meet to on-line race each other, train the boat tactics, discuss the rules… SAILX is free, registration only required to sail important events where we all need to know more or less who is who.

Sailing fields are open 24x7 for fleet, match and team races with different boat types (laser-like, skiff, catamaran or big keel boat).

If you want to try you are welcome. A computer connected to Internet is the only requirement. Anonymous guests are only asked to try to sail clean and respect other sailors.

SAILX National championships will be run the last weeks of May. You can find the Notice of Race at:

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