I have just purchased a very old Marblehead I do not know the hull number but I think it ends in 89. The boat is multi chine plywood construction. I know it was built before 1988.

I have puchased it as a means of learning how to Rig and Sail Swingrigs.

It is fitted with a Drum Winch (Red) made by D H Andrews does anybody have any information on these winches?

Thanks if any body can help

Best regards


Hi John

Sounds like the winch is a ‘Whirlwind’, probably an ‘Atlas’. Dave Andrews was the original owner of the business, I believe, before he sold it to Keith Skipper in the late 1980’s as I remember. Whirlwind has been out of business for a couple of years now, but Keith advertises that he still does repairs on older models. Note that there was a “variant” of the Atlas called a Tensor, with digital rather than analogue control circuitry, which had some problems. It is unlikely this is what is in your Marblehead.