Sailwinch system for a shallow hull

I am building a 50/800 design of a friend (he’s gone to great boat pond in the sky now) and I’m stuck on what sailwinch system to use. In the picture, I have a 1/4 scale servo converted to a drum-style winch, but I’m not very good at the drum winch stuff. the boat has about 3 inches of freeboard in that area, and I’d prefer to use an arm winch of sorts.

I hope you can get an idea of the depth inside the hull from the photo

Any ideas?


if you can fit a 1/4 scale servo. you will be able to fit a drum servo. so space is not a real problem. what you need to do is put a wheel up in the bow. and run a line from the drum to the wheel up in the bow. then back to the drum. sort of like a big loop. now with this in place you attach you sheet line to the loop. the wheel up in the bow does not have to be big. just allow the string to travel freely. the sheet lines then travel up and back.
hope this helps

This is how I did it, very easy to set up.
I made my own turning blocks.