Sailwinch servo offset

I’ve seen some sailwinch servos on the starboard side of the hull, and some on the port side. Is there a reason? Or does it go with the ‘handedness’ of the builder- some builders are right-handed and some are left-handed.

In most cases the servo arm go across the boat and pulls the sheet in-line with the center, but in a few cases, the sheet is pulled across through a pulley or screweye.

It seems that there shouldn’t be much difference, and depends on the servos output torque,the length of the arm, and the amount of room in the hull. As long as the sheet doesn’t get fouled and the rudder servo has room to operate.


Hi T-H,

Port or Starboard mounted servos are an option of the builder, and may just be a matter of taste, or may be influenced by how the builder wants to rig the sheet, where the sheet exit guide, hatch, and boom attachments need to be, which rotation the servo is (not everyone uses newer radios with servo- reversible transmitters), and in some cases could even be a function of chance. The important thing is that it can be made to work, and that any knowledge gained while building this boat can be helpfully applied to the next boat.

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T-H ~ I did not have allot of option with FootyCat so i could balance the weight distribution ~ Yes I could have put them round the other way I suppose?

Ya’all have confirmed the premise, so that’s good.

I’m right-handed, so I like to put my bigger servos on the port side.

In fact, I wil probably use the following servo arrangement, and the whole thing will probably be removable.

Tomo, to some extent servo placement depends whether you are in the northern or southern hemisphere. Coriolus effect will certainly have an influence on the effectiveness, and it may be wise to set up sail and helm servos in opposite directions, this should improve stability and efficiency. Where are you from? From your accent, and other characteristics I’ve seen in your posts, I’d speculate Ohio.

Does this balance prevent the driver going off in a flat spin?


I’d be more concerned with the coriolis effect on the bier I’m pouring to minimize the foam.