sails storage

ok i have been asked to come up with a question that would help most people
so here goes.
what do you guys do about your sails during the time when we dont use them? so of like winter. Do you take them off the mast and lay them down? do you just hang them up from the roof? do you leave them on the boat? do you steam them? stuff like that.
I for one take my sails off the boat, hang them in the shower for about 1 hour with hot water running. so as to get steam in the shower. after about 3 hours i just hang them up in my shop with small 5 oz wieght on a balsa stick. where the boom should be. this keep the foot striaght and the steam normaly fixes the curve. so what do you guys do?

here in NZ i do not have that problem,apart from very high winds we manage to sail all year round.perhaps changing to a smaller rig,now and then.:hammer:

Regarding Rusty’s comment - we need a poll -

“How many think those who sail all year long should be banned from posting for 5-6 months so those of us who do have winter don’t have to put up with these images in our minds of folks enjoying sailing while we shovel snow?” :icon_smok

(asked tongue-in-cheek and kidding of course) :smilebig:

I have a better idea, we should snatch them up from that warm wonderland they call home, and drop them of at the Chicago yacht club. I think a -25 C wind chill, will keep them from making to may wise cracks. :biglaugh:


I usually remove them from the rig, and just hand them in the closet, by the head.

Snow?? Gee I think I remember that stuff, of course that was a long time ago. Hope we don’t get any to spoil our Spring Opener the 2nd Saturaday in January

YOu gotta remember they’re getting into summer soon, too. :fire:

Here is the sail care guide we include with all of our sails and kits. It is basic information, but good.


[/u]Thank you for purchasing a set of Climate Models sails. Proper sail care is easy and takes very little time, but it can make a BIG difference in the life and performance of your new sails!

Store your sails dry.
When not in use, your sails should be stored dry and with no tension. Don?t fold them. Avoid high temperatures. Dacron sails have only two real enemies: sunlight and abrasion. Direct sunlight will eventually rot the cloth and abrasion wears it down. If you store your boat with the sails on, make sure they?re dry and protected from the sun.

Clean Only When Necessary
To remove surface dirt, wipe the sails off with fresh water. Don?t store sails wet. Should your sails get extremely dirty, remove them from the rig and soak them in lukewarm water and mild soap or detergent. Rub over the dirtiest areas with a sponge to loosen what dirt you can. Then rinse well with fresh water. They can be dried flat on a towel, don?t hang them on a clothesline and let them flap in the breeze. Never put your sails in the washing machine, or dryer. Don?t dry clean or iron them. Don?t pour acid, bleach or other harsh chemicals on your new sails.

Adding an insignia
A new insignia or numbers can be added by simply pressing them to the sails.

“An Ounce of Prevention?”
Should you poke a hole in your sail, or rip it, assess the damage carefully. Holes can be fixed temporarily by placing a piece of white adhesive or duck tape on each side of the sail. Tears near the edges or corners of a sail or near a batten pocket should be mended properly. Tears need to be fixed promptly. We recommend that you send your sails back to us for any major repairs.

Climate Models
189 Napier St.
Barrie, ON
L4M 1X1

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a poll sounds a good idea,perhaps it could be asked how many hours sailing we manage per week ? do not fancy this -22 still with such a short sailing season your preparation must be fantastic ?my self and sailing companions average 15 hours per week over 3 sessions,2 day events will:spin: bring it to 20 hours.(how long do batteries last at that temp ?)

Have a MERRY CHRISTMAS, SHIPMATES. Not wanting to get in there to much but I thought we were all sailors? And here are most of you saying, "it too bloody cold, what are you a bunch of WIMPS.
Sailors, Sail in everything , its about being on the water, OKAY.

Right at the moment it is blowing a strong Nor Wester about 30 odd knots and the temp is about 40deg. Now this might not be comfortable for some? But the question is, is cold worse than heat? Do the Balls of the Brass Monkey get chilled or fried? How many of you have got burnt off a hot deck. As I said, your suppose to be bloody sailors?

Have a good one, what ever that is?

Freedom is where the heart is

kind of hard, when the water is hard enough to walk on. :hammer:

ok smartasses. this was mistake. I am sorry i borught it up. I was thinking of the real world. not the people down under. the people who cant build a real iacc boat. (nzl81) and for most of the people who do not think we up north. do not think about sailing year round. I have 6 boats sailing. 4 more on the way. you pros from down under. what do you sail? hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm I can go into almost every class there is. short on maybe 3. and be competetive. this thread was surposed to get some information going forth. well my guess is that the idea. is to keep you sails on your boat year round.

to make it short: FU!

i presume FU is a abrev of chinese for good sailing :fire: ? or could it be
furled up ?

it is well known that FU in Chinese means “Good Luck”

FU as in FUN!!

Sailors put the FU in FUN.

Sorry I came in late on this… I was out skimming the pool… those darn leaves around November and December they get in there and you can really work up a sweat getting them all out. Let me get the airconditioner going… and I will be right back with you. (not kidding :slight_smile:

Yeah, we sail all year around… but don’t forget… there is still nothing like a New England Christmas… so… go skiing, and play some hockey and we will be all even… as I would LOVE to be there doing that. The people I stayed with in Maine would always have their neighbors asking if that guy from Texas that liked to shovel the sidewalks was coming back to visit… they never heard of such a thing.

I store my sails for the J boats on the spars, in the trailer with the masts horizontal and the sails hanging down. The smaller boats such as S/B and EC-12 are all on the spars and hung from the rafters in the boat house by the mast head. Never noticed any adverse affects.