sails, etc.

hey guys,
i asked this question on the “wingmast” forum, and am now deciding that this is probably the better place for it…
so, what [if i may ask] is the “normal” chord for your sails? i have been thinking between 12-15% for the new suit i am hoping to make this winter, but i just thought i’d ask…:graduate:

Would you mind clarifying your questions a little. I’m not sure from the wording whether you really mean chord, or are instead refering to draft.

What size, style, class of boat are you making sails for?


footys is what i had in mind.

and if you would both measurements would be cool, i am just trying to get a sense of what everybody else is doing… the last suit i made was horridly over wieght and under shaped…

i think i saw somewhere on the amya site, stuff to do with what you are asking. i’m just starting to learn this sail camber stuff as well. i’m going to look for the info now, then post a follow-up in a few minutes.

here is this:

i’m gonna read some stuff on there tonight (after mokeying with tooling)


Sorry 420sailor, I don’t claim to know anything about Footies and their sails. I’ll let the Footy guys solve this one for you.

One of the answers is to use booms where the clew position is adjustable in 2-D (i.e. the outhaul tension can be varied AS WELL AS the position of the outhaul on the boom). Do this to the headboard as well and you can do anyting you like to the camber. I’m playing with this plus enough luff round to give 6-7% camber (very flat) with maximum mast bend.

We’ll see whether it works when we get more boats that are finished rather than ‘Half Finished - Overtaken by Latest Bad Idea’.