hi guys,
sailmaking issue, what thickness sailcloth are you using? 1.4mm mylar? thats what i was thinking but i didn’t know if that would be too heavy…:spin:

this is a good question. I am going to be making my own footy. along with a friend of mine. I was just wondering IF 1.4 oz is too heavy? i have alot of scrap around the table from a set of IOM sails.
Brett what do you suggest. ok even ask ian. even though his boats are bigger

what size yacht are you making sails for?


I’m a moron; I didn?t notice this was for a footy. Do you really mean 1.4 mm or do you mean 1.4 micron?

1.4mm is way too thick.

i DID mean 1.4 mm… [i thought i’d get it from great basin model yachts] but if its too heavy… that is the lightest stuff gbmy sells, i googled on 1.4mm sailcloth, but didn’t come up with anything, where do i get 1.4 micron or something that is light enough for a footy?

k, changing my question, what is the heaviest/ thickest that someone thinks i could put on a footy?

I think the unit you’re thinking of is the “mil”, which is 1/1000 of an inch.
1.4 mm is about 55 mils which is way too thick.
So 1.4 mils sounds about right, in fact 2 mil would be fine too.
Bill K
Footy US #114

how about .75 oz?

I bought some 4 mil plastic drop cloth material for a car project, and I think I’ll be using some of that for my footy, along with a sheet of mylar I got from the surveyor guy.

dan you make me laugh sometimes. see everybody. us mods are human too. at least we think we are human. right dan? chad? anybody?
as far as sailmaking material. I have been talking to a friend who will be startign a footy division in his club. you pay 2 types of memberships. 1) for just your yearly dues I think $35. 2) $145. and you get your dues for free and a footy. built by a club member ready to sail. now he did some looking around and found that the wrapping they use for flowers work well. if you are looking for a cheap sail. this may be yours.

yes 1.4 mil is fine, i use 2 mil for my sails.