Sailmaking question

I have some lightweight coated nylon from a tent rain fly that I am going to recycle into some sails for my JIF65. Just wondering what direction the weave should be going relative to the luff.


At right angles to the LEECH.
Don`t worry about the Luff.

Thanks IanHB. Just showing my inexperience:) Lesson learned.


Usually, the warp (the long side of the material) is set parallel to the leach.

The warp threads (run lenghtways) are often heavier than the weft threads (run across). So to get the max strength to resist stretch, the warp is the better choice to line up with the leech.


you should look at this…

alot of people responded to this. and there was alot of information given

this will help
good luck

Thanks for the replies. I’ll let you know how they turn out…


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hope your sails work out. post some pictures and keep us informed
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