Sailing Rules Test

Great on-line brush up of your knowledge of the rules with Easy, Medium & Hard levels with reference to rules in the answers…my results, I should not be allowed to sail in my bath tub with a rubber duck :stuck_out_tongue:

I love that web site. I can get through “Easy” with no problems. “Medium” and “Difficult”… there’s a reason they are named that :stuck_out_tongue:

Every-now-and-then, I go there when I reach the end of the Internet. :mischievo

I had years of the internet to enjoy :splat: but since you’ve shown me the last page …I’ve now lost interest :blindfold I’m going sailing instead.

…/)…(… now who’s has right-of-way again ?

Great entertainment & very useful that it references all rules to a given situation. I’ll post my results if you do yours!! Bath tub & rubber ducks? Maybe we should just watch!!