Sailing Locations

This is a topic relating to the places that each of us sail. Please post photos, or a description of the water used.

Fresh,salt etc

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The above photos were taken during the 2003 Queensland Titles

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These photos are of the home lake that we use. It is part of a housing estate and is fresh water. It weeds up on occasions, and the local bird life have fun pulling out the reeds and making sailing quite difficult. However we have fun to on windy days chasing them around the lake. Ever noticed that birds will swim into the wind?

I am hoping that (now that I have a digital camera) I can post some photos in some good sailing conditions, and not the drifters these were taken in.


my current sailing venue is mostly open sea with lots of waves and moderate breeze.

Heres photos of our pond here in Southern Alberta.
First picture is looking north down the pond lenght. Second is just the north end. As for size of the pond you can see a vehicle in hte back ground for size. Butr the pond is about 300 yards long and 100 yards wide. There is a narrow area that is about 50ft across. Water depth in the north end is 8 feet.

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edit>> Thanks Peter for your help<<


there you go:

live webcam:
keep in mind; its in Japan GMT+9

Its fresh water; very DEEP…pretty big lake; and it can become “Wavy” at some time!


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rock and roll sailing at sea

Hi all,
where i sail on Port Phillip Bay, there are all types of waves. but when i have finished my boat, i want to sail it at mornington, when its blowing 20-30, so i can get it airborne off waves.

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