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For those who haven’t seen it yet check out this popular big boat website ( Yesterday the editor posted pictures and a story about his aquisition of a “new boat”–an IOM. Nice plug for r/c sailing. Also check out the forum section to find some posts that will seem very familar to the regulars here.

Nice RC plug…Classic comments. I like some of the avitars on that site…[:-bigeyes]

Seawind #80

Yeah, some really “classic” comments there-and some very interesting ones!
People interested in “inexpensive” rc models should really read Steve Landeau’s comments under the “cheap rc boat” thread. As well as his comments under the “Ed’s boat” thread for the connosieur of the truly “classic”.

Doug Lord
–High Technology Sailing/Racing

Doug: Might be a good idea not to get personal here. If they are interested, let people read what you and others have now posted about r/c sailing on the Sailing Anarchy forum and let them form their own opinions.

when will everyone wake up and realize the harm that is done from all this bickering, slandering, name calling, childish fighting and outright BULLSH*T, that seems to surround the sport of r/c sailing. i am sorry, but to come back and say doug this and doug that is NOT a good enough response. its one thing to see it here, it is entirely another thing to see it elsewhere. i am so tired of watching grown adults act like 5 year olds?its disgusting and will not attract people to the sport, nor your cause.

just a simplistic idea?don?t like what someone* has to say?.don?t respond. many people here (and now over there) have proven (time and again!!!) that they are not mature enough to handle public forums.


(*someone ? defined as anyone engaging in the stupid and immature games)

I think that if we all had our wives type in the replies, there would be much less problems. The wives don’t have testosterone driving them…

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