Ian gave me lots of info on how-to make/build a sailbox…
But I’d like to have a few dimensions if possible…
What are you thoughts?

Sailbox for IOM rigs


Ask no more!!!

I would just check your overall mast length including the crane. But it suits my masts which are keel stepped.

“With age comes wisdom … and with wisdom comes the knowing when to avoid perfection!”

PS Here’s the perfection.

Along the 520 mm side of one half of the box there are 3 string loops to attach the jib swivel hooks.
From the top are 3 strings with bowsies for the jib mast hooks.

In the top half of the box are 3 sets of clips to hold the 3 masts.

Here’s the wisdow now, I can not remeber the correct name of the clips, there are a u shape stsinless clip with a screw hold at the bottom of the U.

“Thats not wisdow thats old age” yes but you meet a lot of nice people everyday!!!

thanks a lot…will be done as soon as i recover from my broken thumb…


If you plan on travelling (shipping) your sail box, you might consider making it out of aluminum. My IOM rig box got stepped on in a truck (they put it flat on the bottom of a stack) and ruined 6 or 7 rigs. I had a box similar in dimensions to yours made of aluminum and it frustrates them to no end - plenty of scratches and dings but perfect rigs after dozens of shipping episodes! Cost a few hundred bucks, but what’s a rig worth?

For shipping boats, consider a piece of PVC culvert. It’s a double walled black ABS tube; smooth on the inside, corrugated on the outside. When I bought mine I asked the pipe guy how strong it was and he smashed on it with a forklift without even a scratch. Make some ends and support the boat inside with a couple of foam discs cut out to the contours of the boat and bingo - a bombproof shipping box (stronger and cheaper than Sonotubes and waterproof to boot).

This question has to do with the PVC pipe for storage of boat, great idea and I have a piece in my back yard. The question I have did you cut it in half so iti opens or do you just put the boat in from one end?

I was thinking of trying one (boat carry/shipping tube).

My idea was to have two tubes, so one would slip inside the other. Can’t think of a good example, but I’m sure there’s one somewhere. The inside tube would have the top cut out of a section in the middle, so the boat would drop into a cradle, then the tube slips inside the other, for “double strength?” Both ends of the inside tube should be closed, or opposite ends of both tubes, but I don’t have a preference.

The only problem is to find the tubes with the right sizes. I had even thought of splitting one tube and inserting a spacer down the length to make it just big enough to fit the smaller tube.

Also you’ll need to figure out a way to lock the tubes for security.

I suppose you could even get the rig unside, if it was long enough?

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