Sailboats in Central Park! I want to see/try/rent

Hi all,
For the couple days (until thursday) I will be in NYC, this is my 3rd time in NYC and every time I visit I want to watch some sailboats race or rent one/try one. Unfortunately I am always to late and the renter is packing up when I arrive. So here is my question; Will anyone be sailing in Central park this week, that I can watch? AND does anyone know when the guy who rents the RC boats will be there? I live in West Virginia and sail bigger boats on Cheat lake, just in case you want to know.

Sailboat racing in Central Park is on Saturday morning from 10 to 2. Boat rentals (r/c lasers) are not at fixed times, but usually they are available during the week from 1 to about 5, Saturdays after 2 and Sundays from about 11 on. Sometimes people are in the park checking out their boats during the week, but no fixed schedule, try Wednesday or Friday later afternoon. Best bet though is Saturday morning.


Are they still using RC Lasers?



The Central Park rental fleet is r/c lasers. The Central Park Model Yacht Club races IOMs, 36/600s and Marbleheads. There is also a large group of “fun” sailors in the Park with everything from Victorias, Nirvannas and Seawinds to six foot long scale boats.

Do it! I went to CP to check out the boating 2 weekends ago and I rented one of the Lasers. It was fun. I’m seriously thinking of buying a ‘Kyosho Sea Dolphin’.

This Saturday is sort of the official opening weekend at the Central Park Club. If anyone is in the area come down between 10 and 2 and say hello. Unfortunately, we don’t race Sea Dolphins in Central Park.

OK Guys I went today and it WAS A BLAST!!! Those RC sailboats are so cool!

Here is a pic I on boat one.

(it will not let me load a pic help!!!) I want to rc sail now!!!

welcome to the frat house
now what boat are you going to get.
we welcome all to the club
even wis
long live the cup

So what do I get? Can I use aircraft Rc frequency’s?

ground frequency is all we’re allowed i think, i could be wrong, and a great starting boat is the victoria or the seawind. great to get into it with. i have a victoria and love it to death.

i love tinkering with these boats it takes up time i’m sure my girfreind is going to hate it soon

best is asking Roy about what they sail overthere…but a vic could be nice…popular boat…of course i luv my Seawind…but then again better email or PM Roy


if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it!

Please do not use aircraft frequencies for RC watercraft. Those little transmitters have better than a half mile range and can bring havoc to an expensive aircraft.
You will eventually experience loss of contol of an RC sailboat. It could be range, weak batteries of a frequency conflict with another boat.The boat will develop a mind of it’s own and you will have no control of it.
Potential damage is very minimal on RC sailcraft. Potential damage from high speed watercraft, cars and airplanes is far greater and could even involve injury to spectators.
As far as what sailboat to purchase, you need to balance budget, the boat’s size, your ability to transport it, and what type boats are being sailed in your area in the likely event that you may compete. You also need to consider what body of water you will be sailing on, it’s depth and exposure to wind and waves. Smaller, easy to transport boats like the Victoria can’t take too much wind or waves. Larger sailboats like the Nirvana, Seawind and such do better in rough conditions, but all are pretty limited when the wind speed exceeeds 15mph.
Lasers are pretty versatile. With 3 different sail sizes, you can sail in very light air as well as heavy wind (20-30 plus mph). Their simple yet robust construction is forgiving to transportation as well as weather conditions.
I personally started out with a Nirvana. I outgrew it quickly and moved to the Seawind. I then found that the winds in my area limited my sailing sessions. I’d have the time to sail but it would be blowing around 25 mph.
The Laser works for me because when I have the time to sail, I usually can.

Welcome to the coolest RC sport there is.


So for CP, I should buy either the ‘Seawind’ or ‘Victoria’. Correct?

no!! PM or email someone from the NYC club …for ex: ROY!! I think he can advise you better then us!


if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it!

As has been pointed out here before,the best boat to buy is the one that others in your local area sail and race. Even if you don’t plan to compete, having hands on local advice on what you are sailing is invalueable.

For Central Park, we race IOMs, 36/600s and Ms. We are also contemplating starting a beginner class using the Nirvanna. Best advice, come down on a Saturday morning and hang out for a little bit. Maybe we can even find a used boat for sale.

I’m really new to this hobby but got a permit to store my boat at Central Park a few weeks ago. I have a Laser and a Nirvana. Any suggestions on which one I should leave there? I’m afraid that my Laser will transmit on the same frequency. I’m looking forward to the season and am going to try and come out next saturday to have a look at the pros. Also, ever any problems with theft? Thanks!


Alex: Never had a problem (yet) with boat theft in Central Park. Not much of a “hot” boat resale market if you think about it. However, its still a good idea to take the transmitter home with you.

As to which boat to keep in the Park, well, the Nirvanna is probably going to be more likely to be a racing class in the near future and the Laser fits into a shoulder bag for easy transport, so I would suggest leave the Nirvanna and carry the Laser.

As to frequency, you can always buy additional cyrstals.

Anyway, stop by this Saturday morning. Jon Elmaleh, who designed both the Laser and the Nirvanna will be there and I’m sure he will be glad to help you set up both boats. And there will be free donuts…

You lucky,lucky devil!! AND free donuts!!.

Roy: I’m going to come to CP next Saturday to follow up on your advice. As a beginner, I was hoping to buy a kit to start with, if you do start a Nirvana class I’ll go with that.