Sail wrinkles

I have been working on reducing these wrinkles and am making progress. However I’m wondering if my .003 inch thick stick-on numbers are causing some of this. The wrinkles are vertical and no amount of rigging changes seem to help much.
Also don’t like the luff to mast attachment as it seems to restrict free movement.

Dan Bookwalter Griffin, Ga.

It’s very possible the stick on numbers are a problem. Most people I know draw their numbers on with a sharpie. Post a photo of your sails rigged and with wind in them and we can see if anything is obvious.

OK, I’l try tomorrow but the wind is expected to be 2-3 mph. Good thought, thank you.

Dan, you didn’t indicate which sails you are referring to as regards luff to mast attachment and wrinkling?
However I agree that using vinyl stick-on numbers is a major source of concern as the vinyl digits distort with sun exposure and will cause major sail wrinkling. If you want to use stick-on number use polyester fabric numbers from Windjammin" sails or do as most of do and use stencilled on permanent marker numbers which never distort the sails.

Based on all of your suggestions regarding the sail numbers causing vertical wrinkles on my main sail, I removed all numbers and the wrinkles are gone! Only very minor local deformations where they were. Not a concern. I used lacquer thinner on a rag applied to the backside and with patience they came right off.
When numbers go back on they will be magic marker.

Thanks guys - I’m much happier.
Merry Christmas