Sail Winches

Don’t know how many of you have come across this one -

but from this site & many others (including the Graupner site) I don’t seem to be able to find a torque rating. Has anyone got this winch (or seen a site that quotes the torque numbers) and are therefore able to share the required information?

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Might find some comparisons here, but I wasn’t able to find torque ratings on any specification site. Maybe because you can change drums which could impact torque depending on drum diameter ?

Well, I know this winch as a pre-millenium winch,
and a very loud one :wink:

It has got a self locking ‘planetarium-gear’, so lots of standing torque.
The stall torque depends on the drum diameter and the used voltage.

I used some of those (Graupner Type 2 and some similar from Multiplex) during the 90’s until 2005 and now I am happy with arm winches.

Those Grauper sail winches type 1 to 4 have same mechanics, only the electronics have changed and type 4 shall have a new motor. The older ones have had a motor like a mabuchi 380 or similar.

that stall torque 4.6 should be for a 29 mm drum at 7.2 V
for a 9 mm drum, the stall torque should be around 10
(second sail winch 4 row at that sheet)

I got some old sheet from my pre millenium winch from multiplex

Have you seen this?

I have just order it and I will know about it when I try it.