Sail transportation and storage

Hi All,

What do people use to transport and store their sails in?

We have made a corflute sail box see attached pictures.
1/ Sliding in the sails and rigs from the side has its problems. The sheets get tangled and you end up pulling the lot out.
2/ One drop of water on a mylar sail makes it stick to the other sails like the proverbial.

Perhaps a box that has hinges?
We were trying for something simple.

Peter & Clare

Instead of metal hinges, I’d make the sail box with hinges made from Velcro material. I’d assemble the entire thing with GOOP adhesive. The security machines/scanners will be happier without the metal pieces.

On my Kittiwake, the sheets attach to the booms with small hooks, so when you remove the rig, the sheets stay with the hull. Otherwise, a little painter’s tape will help handle any loose lines.

I just leave the boat rigged and it lays on the front seat of the car anyway.

Hi TomoHawk,

The Velcro hinges is an excellent idea.
We had been thinking of an artists folder which do use Velcro but are too thin.
The fully rigged option doesn’t work for use as we travel to our lake by bike.
Also the weather is too inconsistent so it is invariably a different rig each time out.
We put the hulls in some document boxes. See attached.

Peter & Clare

I have seen some sail boxes made of the 1 inch construction foam. The inside is cut out and the two faces covered with cardboard or plastic, with Velcro for hinges and the closure, and a piece of rope for a carry handle.

The final sail and rig transport solution is completed.
We probably got a bit carried away but it will last longer than us.
The size is only suitable for Footies so it looks like we are committed. Or perhaps should be.
Also there is a pic of the whole caboodle ready to go to the lake with the old sail box.



I used the Coroplast( corrogated plastic) to make a “folder” for my Odom rig and for my Solin 1m rig. the odom has no spreaders so i twas pretty simple. the Soling has spreaders so I have holes cut inthe folder for the spreaders to poke through.

rather than using metal hinges… I scored one side of the corrogation which gave the coroplast a “virtual” hinge. and then I stuck velcro inside onthe edge to hold it shut… so it looks and opens up like a manilla folder…

albeit a very big folder… : ) I like your wooden box…though