Sail & rudder servo specs

What are you putting in our footys(footsies) in terms of sail servo and rudder servo?

I have a TowerHobbies high-torque mini servo (40 in-oz.) or a Hitec HS-55 micro available for the rudder and a standard Futaba for the sails. You probably could use a standard size digital servo (70 oz-in.) for the sails.


In keeping with our original ideas about keeping it simple and cheap, I’m using standard servos for both winch and rudder. Standard servos seem to work fine as a winch…adequate power and travel for these small boats.

One of these days I’ll probably get some mini-servos for the rudders. I use one in my Soling 1m, and since it works fine in that, I’m sure it will be fine in a Footy…could save some space and weight.

I’m also going to play with servo tape for mounting the rudder servo. I think that would probably be enough to hold OK (did that in my S1m, too) and make building easier…If it works OK, I’ll try it for the winch servo also.


No problem with using the standard servos. A beginner may not know the difference or what to use for what.

Maybe we could use a subclass for the more advanced talents?


We had a lot of debate on the issue of servos when we set up the rules. Because the cost of servos keeps going down, the minis are now affordable, so we decided to allow any servo you choose.

But to keep things from going crazy in the pursuit of light weight at any cost (USOM, 36/600, M) we decided to require the use of 4 standard AA batteries.

Until the Footy thing gets organized into “official” class status with some organized racing, I think it’s too soon to consider sub classes.


OK, I think you actually could use the 4 AA cells to your advantage- to put some where you need the weight to balance the boat. Where I shop, yuo can get either AA or AA cells at the same price. I’ll consider doing it both ways.

I cureently use a standard servo for sailwinch duties and a 9g mini for the rudder.I simply use sealant to glue the servos to the hull bottom and keel fin .I don’t have any internal structure inside the hull for servos at all now!! :slight_smile:
This past week I moulded a hull for a freind of mine on holiday from the UK.
I sprayed the mould with paint and used one layer of 3oz cloth and 3 carbon strands as stringers to stiffen the hull.Result was a 30g painted hull.

It’s kinda funny, Brett, how long it takes me to get smarter, sometimes. I’ve spent a lot of hours carefully crafting servo mounts for these little boats, and it finally dawned on me that the forces are just not that high!

I’m not a rich guy like you, though, so I’ll be using servo tape instead of sealant…might want to use the servos in another project some day.

Hope you’re enjoying summer as much as someone can when they’re upside down all the time…it’s pretty cold here in right-side-up land.


Rich guy…yeah right.
Just cut them out of the model with a sharp knife when its time for the next one.
Summer has been spent working on the “big boat”, its kinda like the never ending story…nearly done though.

Hey Brett, boat building is supposed to be a winter activity…but I’m not getting any done this season. When I’m home (which isn’t enough) I’m training for an archery Tournament that’s toward the end of March. By the time I get back to building boats, the ice will be gone and it’ll be time to sail!


Winter for boat building…well lets see,This one has had 2 winters and 2 summers.Finally I am painting it and it will see water soon.


If you want to ‘Sail Honest’ then both the servos should be ‘standard’ such as the Futaba 3003, and the batteries have to be ‘standard AA’ cells.

Nae Chettin’ Noo!