Sail Numers/Insigia

The Footy sail insignia were not designed to be easy to produce (sorry Brett). It is quite easy to get decal film that can be printed on by any stanard inkjet or laser ptinter.

Fine. But how do you stick it to the sail without it becoming a strctural ‘feature’? Same applies to sail numbers.


Print them off on ordinary paper and then pace beneath the sail, then redraw on the sail with a fine permanent marker.
I do it every time with IOM sails. If you are carefull it still looks sharp.



Brilliant. An engineer is a man who can do for five shillings what any fool can do for a pound.

(original version is sihghtly ruder)

Certain sail materials are more difficult than others. I use gold mylar film for sails. I need a window or light table to see through it. It seems to behave well as sail material though.

My method was to print out the logo and glue it to a thin piece of plastic. I, then, cut out the design and made it a stencil. I lay the stencil on the sail and just take a marker and fill it in. I was going to take a picture of it, but I can’t find it!

The Footy logo may be “handed”
ie you only need to draw it on one side and trace the opposite of it on the other side of the sail.
You then have a right and left foot.
I would expect that serious sailors would only draw on the logo and numbers on sails of this size.
Though laser cutting of the logos would be cheap and easy,my sailmaker provided this service to me with my kits.

:graduate: I thought there was a ruling by ISAF (might even go way back to IYRU) that class symbols, sail numbers and sail maker logos/marks did not count as structural features. This would also apply to corner gussets and rules regarding advertising.

I could be wrong. :wink:

I could be wrong but I suspect that what Angus meant by ‘structural’ is that numbers and insignia cut from insignia tape are relatively stiff compared to even my 0.5oz ripstop sail material. As such the numbers would surely upset the action of a lightweight sail.

Problem with coated ripstop though is bleeding of the ink when using a marker… anyone know of a product which would not bleed on ripstop nylon?


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Suggestion - cut from same material as the sail, and use spray glue… and yes, you will have double fabric in that area - or triple if you need a good FOOTY logo on both sides of the sail. Insignia tape, by it’s nature, is pretty stiff when compared to sail material as you note. It is Dacron - not nylon ripstop, and probably upwards of 4-6 oz. weight range as compared to 1/2 - 3/4 oz. nylon.

Thanks for the suggestion Dick… cutting out those footy toes will be a challenge! Good idea though.


Use toenail scissors ! :stuck_out_tongue: :lol: :lol: :lol:

I haven’t invrstigated it yet, but Roger Stollery tells me that Footy insignia and sail numbers in a satisfactory form are available from

here in Britain.

Laser cut Footy templates now available… scroll down to the Footy Template. I am using ‘Sharpie TM’ permanent markers on ‘Coated’ ripstop sailcloth and getting a nice clean edge. Other cloths may bleed so you need to test before spoiling anything. The template can of course be flipped over for the other side.


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