Sail Material

Just thought I’d ask the question, haven’t seen this anywhere else, but has anyone tried using Monokote for sail material?

No, but I am about to try some 45micron polyester laminating film on an RG65, which is similar.
Has the advantage of translucence and flexibility over mylar.
I did use a monocote type film for the deck - shrinks tight and plenty strong and weight saving given the excess weight of my hull (150gms!).

I used it on a footy once, it worked allright, but tended to change shape given the temperature. For the money, there are better materials available. I’ve been using gift wrapping plastic from michaels, and double sided scotch tape. Works rather well.

If you look for the bright yellow hull and colourful sail of Thomas’ GER 1 in the pictures and videos of the Footy Gold Cup in Sestrierre you can see a very nice example of aero-modeling film being used in a paneled sail. The coloured panels make a very distinctive sail and it seemed to keep a very nice shape throughout the weekend.

As an aside, monocote offers a solvent called trim solvent that will activate the glue in the monocote, negating the need for heat application. I do not know if it would work with other brands of heat shrink film.