sail making

i’ve been muckin about trying to make a rig and sails.
i cut the sails today and am in th process of reinforcing it with sticky-backed mylar. my question is about battens.
where do they go, how many to use, how long to make them?

found what i was looking for; however, a new question…what do they do?


A can of worms, Nigel.

Check te class rules, and I’m sure there’s a lot of info if you search here.

battens stiffen the leach of the sail… is that what you are asking nigel? i am not sure i am reading you right…:confused:

Not for this question, the sails, a part of some restrictions for the B rig, are pretty much open to what you wanna build and fly…

The batten number, size and more importantly location, are all function of the sail shape and cut, so asking where to put them without knowing how he sail looks like it’s not very helpful, the answer might be wrong.

With such a small sail you may not need battens at all.


ya, i’m gonna leave the sails alone.
they gotta be curved as well don’t they?
or something.

yah, they gotta be curved… sigh, i learned that the hard way… my first looked like potato sacks…

For flat panel sails check out the Victoria class chatroom, there’s an excellent how to article. Be careful with the tucks though, on a Footy it is hard not to make the sail too full, my first mainsail was ugly.

Hi Gang…

I found in another thread a link to a program that I have downloaded and looks very helpful for making our own sails… The program is called Sail Cad and can be obtained free from:

Hope this is of some help…


Bruce… :cool: