sail making for the seawind

hey all. I started a thread on sail making in another room and people seems to realy enjoy it. so i will do the same here

How many skippers here? make thier own sails. and if you do? why dont you tell us how you did it. post some pics. and share the wealth??

I am planning on making my own new sails… just have to track down a source of material. and a sail pattern…

anybody want to add on draft and shapes??

Cougar - originally, custom sails weren’t part of the class rules. While it was some time ago, I’m not sure if that is still true.


what i was suggesting was what i do… the stock sails are for racing. not just playing around at the local pond… so i put on MY set… that is all

Cougar, while I agree its, nice to to have a set of cruising sails and a set of racing sails on big boats. Often when folks tool around on the pond though, they still “race” and tune against each other trying to get better/faster. to throw a “hopped up” boat in the mix with higher performance sails makes it harder for folks to really learn if their boat is faster/slower in stock legal form…

Plus tuning the boat for hopped up sails would be far different than tuning for stock flat sails. Not saying that you couldn’t learn, but every time you re-rig the boat the numbers would be different.

The Seawind class is very very one design and very restricted. Which is nice in that you can’t get into an arms race, but on the bad side, if the manufacturer goes belly up, the class dies or has to really work hard to adapt to new rules.

Cougar - just wanted to be sure any folks “new” to the class knew about custom sails. Hate to see them pay a few $$$ and then get protested.

How’s your winter been?


If you want to race:

stock sails or:

12.1 Sails shall be as provided in the kit. Replacement sails shall be those supplied by the kit manufacturer or by any supplier approved by the US-SCOA Board of Directors.
12.2 Corners of the sails may be reinforced not to exceed 3 inches from the corner of the sail

Wolfgang correctly quoted the US Class Rule on sails. To racE you need to use original or replacement Kyosho sails or recently approved alternative sails made by Tippecanoe boats, Everson, WA.
For personal enjoyment any skippere can make or biy any sails he wishes but they won’t be legal to race.

Hi Mike,

Thanks for your helping getting my account for this forum!

For those of us who haven’t seen the sails from Tippecanoe boats, can you tell us about them? Are they almost identical to the manufacturer sails? Or do they have improved camber? I’m just trying to figure out if I need to buy a set of these to stay competitive.


We at GMYC have purchased 5-6 suits of the new sails. They appear to be well-made and look very similar to those from Kyosho. I don’t think any have been hung yet. The first shipment was actually lost due a UPS truck hijacking, but they were quickly replaced. Will let you know when we try them. Ron

The Tippecanoe sails are single panel just like the Kyosho sails. The point was to make alternative comparable sails available not to try to improve in any way. They do come less wrinkled if that is any advantage?

Thanks Mike and Ron!

Yes, that answers my question… single panel. It sounds like we can all keep our Kyosho sails as long as they are in okay condition.

Thanks again,