Sail maker

Any one know the maker of these sails. They from hull number 394 A Newport 12. MAterial almost feels like tissue.

John Amen made those sails. These days I believe John makes mostly big boat sails. He might be willing to make some model sails in slack times. Dunno In case you want to phone him.

Test 505. The material was available many years ago, then not for a while and in the past couple of years it has again become available under a new name.

Thanks for the info. Looking for the history of my boat. Dont know when the sails were made but they are in great shape. Thanks again


If you do find a need to buy a new sail winch same as the other one, you should call Ozmun Design in Ohio. I believe his would be up to the job but you can ask.

Scroll down to sail control units for the phone number.

Of course the obvious choice of winch these days for a boat the size of your is an RMG but it is a drum winch.

Another thing. If you care about not putting dents in the boat you will construct something that fits under the keel and totally supports the boat as part of the cradle. Storing a heavy fiberglass boat on its skin can take its toll after a while - can lead to permant distortion. Or maybe your ballast is removable. The rest of the cradle (besides the under keel support) should only keep the boat from falling over.

Even pvc covered with insulation can have hard points.

Great advice, I remove the ballast so hopefully I will not run in to that problem.