Sail is an ol' Salty Dog :-)

Greeting Skippers,
I was on the former SeaWind forum and found time (i.e., finally) to register here.
Been sailing since I learned how to swim… at an early age.
Something good parents did/do as this ability can be matter of life/death.
I have an immense respect for the water and mother nature.

Been a member of AMYA for years #8268, but a used SeaWind is my first R/C model yacht.
I built/sailed model yachts including catamarans and iceboats… without the R/C incorporated, years ago.

I’ve helped Mike Eades with a few aspects of the transition and communications to the new sites.
I plan on purchasing a ReadySet… shortly, so I can cup race with my used, but updated SeaWind. :slight_smile:

If you have any questions… I am available to help.
Wishing you the best of winds…
Peace always,
Sail (Thomas)