Sail/Hull graphics

I modeled one of my soling 1 meters after the 80 footer Nicorette. It has a green hull, and on the sails has a 2 foot high Nicorette logo. I put it on using stencils and colored pencils. Does anyone know of any places that sell decals of any major sponsors, or is there some type of paper that i could print decals out on so i dont have to spend a whole day “coloring” on my sails?

For hull graphics - you can do a Web search on “Water Slide Decal Paper” - and if you have access to a PC and color-printer you are almost ** home. Select the logo, scan or copy and resize. Print (laser, inkjet - or color copier) and place in water. BE SURE to buy the right paper, as inkjet decals require an additional step to make them waterproof. Wait a few seconds - slide off and pat dry. After dry, coat with protective spray clear. I am not sure how well they would stand up to being on fabric - but if you have mylar sails - they should remain just like they do on a hull.

** OK - the bad part - how do you get the color “white”?

You need to look for a white based paper which then requires you to cut very closely to the outside of the design before putting into water. The option is some paper sites sell a printer that prints “white” color - but expensive if you aren’t doing a lot… Remember - usually you are printing to white paper - so it isn’t an issue- just a lack of any color. However on water-slide paper, the film is clear which will allow the color of the boat hull (or sail to show through. Great if it is a white hull and you are printing American flag (example) as the white stars and stripes are really the hull color. Try it on a gun-smoke blue like a DC boat, and you will have red and blue stripes instead. Got to think and plan ahead.

On the attachment, I used “clear” waterslide with black printing. You can see that the hull color blue shows through as blue in the gunshot holes. Photo is from a consignment Seawind project I did a few years back.

Download Attachment: [ hullname.jpg]( Lemke/200538174846_hullname.jpg)

I am doing mine with a Roland Stika machine from my PC. I have been doing all my sail numbers and emblems and they turn out great.

I am painting my AC-15 in Stars&Stripes markings and doing all the sponsors logos with it as well.[:-angel]