Sail area for F48 and 40

Before I decide what size to build, I have a carbon rig at 900 sq. inches I would like to start with.


The maximum sail area for a Mini40 is 1395 sq. inches (0.9 m2) (


Thanks, I guess it will a 40" cat.


The Mini40s are 48" in length. Are you using some boat length to sail area scaling factor to select 40"?


No, I thought 40 in the name meant 40", so what does F48 mean?
I started building a model of a Kurt Hughes 43 foot cruising cat about 20 years ago and am now putting the deck and deck house on after hosing 20 years of dust out of it. He shows 700 sq. ft. sail area at 58 feet off the water, I am extending the mast to 65" OTW and the boom 2" with masthead jib I guessing about 900 sq. in’s in carbon tube. Finish weight should be 10 to 11 lbs darn wood is heavy.
I design my own Fast Electric racing boats in F/G and/or Carbon and need a new challenge.

I will mold up some hulls this fall when the racing season ends.

So any one have any NONWAVE PERICING hull drawings I could take a look at 48"?

Jim -

way back (1999) I tried to re-write Mini40 rules (40 being the Formula 40 big boat class popular at the time). The French threatened me with copyright infringement, even though I pointed out errors and contradictions within their rules. Thus, we few multihullers resorted to starting our own US Class based on the same size and rules - except cleaned up and without errors. Thus here we refer to the Formula48 Class … basically 48 inches long with maximum beam of 48 inches wide and roughly 1400 sq. inches of sail area.

Hope this answers your questions.


Thanks Dick, that explains it.
Now, where is the info on that “go kart” tri?

These plans are almost non-wave piercing:

Otherwise there is RC Sails “Venom”

Thanks Mij1, just what I was looking for.
Now if I can find that post again on self adjusting foils, like Hobie Rave, I will all set.