sad news

i regret to inform you all of a loss.
darrin kettlwell died on monday night as a result of a motorcycle accident. Darrin was my brother and he was invloved in learning how to sail fast. he was into desinging hull and sails, and the argueing over what was more important, the people vs the boat. he always was on the side of the people. you can give the fastest boat to the slowest person and it wont make a diffence but give an average boat to a fast person and he /she will be in the top 10.
darrin was a good person to be around, because he would always give his radio to a person standing right beside him. and get him involved. he was going into schools to help kids learn about sailing.
he will be missed. and i will miss him as well

I’m so sorry to hear that. My thoughts are with you.


My condolences on the loss of your brother.


Im sorry to hear that mate.
My condolences.


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I am sorry to hear about your loss.

My condolences to you and your families

Jeff & Vicki


I am extremely sorry to hear about the loss of your brother, I know sort of what it feels like because I lost my closest uncle & auntie a while ago, my uncle was like a second dad to me, I could always talk to him about stuff, he was also a sailor. I know you will never get over it fully, just as I will never fully get over the death of my uncle. But, we must try to be happy, and think about the good times in our lives, and how lucky we are to be alive. I will be here for you if you ever want to talk.


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My condolences to you and your family, from downunder.

John B

I am sure sorry to hear that buddy, there are no words at a time like this I know, but take solace in the fact that you will be in may peoples prayers. I ride and race a CBR 954 and I appreciate both sides of the equation. I put my friends and family under strain by doing so I know, but I do love it so. God speed you and your family through to happier times.

My Condolences,

I lost my sailing buddy almost a year ago. I wrote this in his memory, and perhaps you’ll find solice in it.

I posted it here once, but cant’ find it.

Hope it helps put it in perspective, writing it helped me alot. Sounds like Darrin was a man we could all admire.

It’s not who we were, or are now, but the people that forged and guided us, and the memories we hold dear of them, carry forth, and impart to others, that is our measure.


Dear Cougar,
my condolences from Austria.
I am really sorry to hear of your loss.
My thoughts are with you and your family.

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Motorcycle accident… Sorry to hear about your brother.

Sorry to hear about your loss. Accidents are a tough way to lose loved ones. My thoughts and prayers will be with you my brother.
Tom [:-brokenheart]

Always live each day to the fullest, there is no guarantee that tomorrow will ever come.

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Sorry to hear that Cougar, it always seems the way that the best die youngest, leaving the rest of us to work out how to carry on.

Luff 'em & leave 'em.

God has a reason for taking our loved ones.

Remember the good times.



Although we have never met it is sad to hear of your brother’s departure.From your post it would seem that he was the sort of guy who went doing something he loved to do.He will have obviously left you with lots of cherished memories of times and experiences together,while those memories continue to exist, so will he.
Long live the memories.