Hi Guys,
I just got my new AMYA magazine today, great job on the RG’s btw, I was looking forward for the issue because of the spoiler that Bill (Hagerup) was going to talk about his latest design. No disappointment there again!

One problem though, I wanted to just jump the gun set aside the other 25 different boat builds I have going on and start working on a Saber, problem is I don’t seem to be able to find the plans on the RG site, lots of info on the dragon force (eye roll) but in the design page (not immediate find either) no sign of the Saber. Info on the DF, link for the Goth and info on the blue splash, but that’s it.

Am I missing something?

That’s my fault, Gio. I’m having some problems getting it scanned and put out there. Time got away from me because of some family issues, but I should get it done soon. I’ll post here when it’s ready.

Sorry for the confusion…Bill

I got my scanning issues straightened out, and sent the .pdf to Eric the other day. Now it seems he is having some difficulty getting it out on the website. Sigh. It will happen, just a bit longer now. If you must have the plan right now, send me an email at and I’ll send it back to you.


Hi Bill,
thanx for the offer, and info on the plan, but Eric Rosenbaum send me a copy already couple of days ago (thanx Eric).
I will start the build as soon as I can, hopefully next couple of weeks, will post some pictures.

BTW this would me my 5 (7 if you count the round ranger and footy) build from your plans …

Balsa Saber 65, 1 lb 15 oz ready to sail, shown with B swing rig.

Thanks to Bill Hagerup for the sharing of his designs, built his Razor 3, Ranger and Nipper footys and now his Saber 65.

Sailed this boat today in 18-25 mph winds with a C(60% of A) rig. It sailed very well, tracked upwind and downwind without rounding up, tacked without stalling and the spray rails worked to keep it from diving in the downwind gusts.

Compared it to Bill’s Cobra 5 in the same conditions and noticed that there is a big difference between the boats in high winds, The Cobra is more difficult to control upwind and dives and rounds up down wind.

Haven’t compared them in light air yet.

Nice job, mtb29…thanks for supporting my design work. I was very pleased to hear that Saber65 performed well in C rig conditions…that’s when the going gets tough.

I have a new design built and in testing by a friend in Australia that I think is pretty exciting. Yes, that is a tease…stay tuned.