Rumors and Lies ?

I received a note today from very good friend in the U.K. and he advises there is some new design and development taking place. A new catamaran design (hey Cougar !) is being developed and ballpark costs are expected to run from a start of about $250 - $300 for “parts” (two hulls with decks fitted, fin boxes fitted and rudder tubes in place) to a full boat less radio for right around $1,000.

More info to follow when I receive it as development continues.

Dick, That’s good news. I just sent a check to Ian for 2 hull shells, so hopefully I’ll get around to building my catamaran over the winter.

Just sent out a “broad” email showing new ladyacht my co-worker has been working on. He’s making me look bad - but I am more interested in the solid wing sial and how it will work once he adds the two trailing edge flaps.

BTW - above price includes one (1) rig as well for full boat.

I am not sure what multihull is out there. I still have mine working. trying to work out some small problems. and one major. my cat has seen the water but it did not go that well.So any news from me is a pure rumor, I have the master done, but no molds yet. I have not even seen MATT. so i cant even talk to him.
my cat did do well in the water, just a real wierd rig set-up. I had the shrouds worked out fine. but where do you put the stays?. I had to rig out a setup for them.

Side shrouds attach to each hull - usually a bit behind the mast to allow it to rotate. For forward shroud, you can do a short "pig-tail “Y” at top and run a forward shroud wire down to bow of each hull … - … or you can do a longer forestay bridle at the bows ( a larger upside down “Y”) and then just one long shroud to front of mast.

Masts are fractional rigged and shroud/stays seldom are attached any higher than about 5/8 of way up mast. This allows tip of mast to fall off in gusts and depower.

No rear shroud or backstay is used. If mast is a noodle (bendy) you might want to consider diamond wire but again, keep them in lower 5/8 to 3/4 part of mast. The upper part of a multihull mast is seldom stayed.

The new boat is being designed as a Mini40/F-48 size 1.2 meter, so it will be big. Don’t know if they are putting all gear into hulls or if they will use a “pod” to house radio stuff. Once I get a photo released, I will post it. As Bill did, you can always buy just hull parts from Ian Sammis and scratch build from there. Some carbon or light aluminum tube for cross beams, and you could probably get away with a single central daggerboard, but if the boat heels in winds, you lose a lot of resistance as the board come up and out of the water. I would use a board in each hull if it were mine, as well as a rudder on each hull. Different story for a trimaran and you can build/rig that much like a monohull.

Holler if more questions.

Just a brief update: Ian’s hull shells arrived today. Even though I really should be working on getting my (big boat) iceboat runners ready to go for this season, I had to spend some time “playing around” with the new hulls. I held them together using some small clamps, placed some pieces of balsa across to act as cross beams & held a wingmast rig in place to get a “hands on” visual image of the proportions. Just enough to get the “creative juices” going.

Initially I’ll be staying close to the KISS concept & will probably go with a center pod holding controls, rudder & fin. I’ll build an easily modified platform using 3mm laminated spruce & ply. If that goes well, maybe I’ll look into twin controls as well as twin rigs.


an F-48 ! Kind of impresive just to stand back, look at it and think how cool it will look scooting across the pond next summer … leaving all those ODOM (monohull) guys wondering why they spent their money for a monohull.

Of course, you (kind of) have already been there, wondering why a few of us sail multihulls when we could be going faster on a land yacht - or even faster on an ice boat ! [VERY big grin) :cool:

Bill - I still owe you the drawings for GHOST TRAIN, and will try to get them off in the coming week or so. They offer some ideas on rigging and sail sizes that you may find useful. I haven’t forgotten you - just been lazy.

Good on ya! Heard from Ian and confirmed it was you in Wisconsin willing to take a chance on the boat and class. Thanks so very much. Looking forward to next summer - now I have a reason to get busy. A competitor in my neighborhood (sort of) :scared:

Thanks, that would be great, but no big rush. It would be useful to see a general layout of rig, fin & rudder placement to get a feel for CLR/CE balance, etc. I bought a set of Andy McColloch’s “Freight Train” plans from Traplet several years ago, after building my MultiOne but before I got into the landyacht/iceboat phase. It’s a beautiful design, but the plans are pretty much schematic with little hard construction detail. I guess I’ll be figuring alot of that out on my own, but that’s the fun part. Of course since I’ll be using my wingmast rig(s) with & without a jib, the CE will be totally different anyway. Adjustabilty of components will need to be a primary criteria during the prototype design phase.

I’m off to a meeting - but received a few photos today from Clyde Jones and his NIGHTMARE F-48 trimaran. Will try to get them posted today - tomorrow at latest.

Just consider this as a “biased teaser” ! :slaphappy