Although I’m still using the Demo of VSK3, Do the sailing rules apply. I’ve been hit by port boats while on Stb many times. Or does that all come with the AI of the full version. Up to 2nd most of the time, usually win the start but get rolled going to weather, actually sort of like my real racing.

VSK3 is using the latest ISAF rules…so it seems…though sometimes I wonder!

Ever that “ROOM!!!” feeling? :rage:

It really helped me with the rules! and I am still learning

It does use the rules… just sometimes better than others. It lists the rules being applied in real time as they happen (if you have the window enabled to see them) Also, the AI boats are not the sharpest… but it is fun none the less and a good training aid for rules applications. It is not flawless… and sometimes it has to make judgement calls which can be as controversial as any human.