Rules question

If your boat is dead in the water, and another boat is requesting room, who has the right of way?

We need more information on the incident to answer.

Is the other boat asking you to avoid them even though you are not moving. Or are they asking for room to clear an obstruction (other than you)?

If they just want you to get out of their way, did you call ‘out of control’ or similar (ie you have lost control and have retired from the race).

Are you on opposite tacks? (who is on stbd)

Are you on the same tack, who is windward or overtaking?

These may all produce a different answer. We need a more detailed description of what happened.


John, I had just rounded the mark when the wind died. I responded to the other skipper that I had no hull speed and could not maneuver at all. He still had some speed and both boats were pointed in the same direction, so I’m assuming we would have been on the same tack, but with no wind it is impossible to tell who was winward and who was leward. He had some speed, so he did have some apparent wind.

If you rounded ahead and then slowed, and then he rounded, then it sounds like he is overtaking boat and has to stay clear of you.


Thanks John!