rules question

hey, i was on the footy website, and there was a boat it think it was called minime that had dual rudders. are they legal? i thought i saw in the rules that only one slot for an extended thing was allowed on the stern… am i mistaken?:dunce:

Some of toe photos a of the older boats. The ones built before the current rules.

Tom is correct, 420, and so are you. MiniMe is one of several “projects in progress” in my basement. Her stern has been ripped out and will be replaced with one having a single rudder. The current rules allow only one rudder extending behind the boat.


wait, one rudder, or one slot for anything extending past the stern? can i put dual rudders on if they are underneath my boat?

The rules only mentioned “the rudder,” which implies only one, but it didn’t have anything prohibiting more than one or restricting the number of rudders. Since it’s not restricted or prohibited, you can have two.