Rules query (as usual)

Hi all.
First I’d like to introduce myself as a new member of this forum and hope you more experienced people will treat me gently.

My local pond is Stobswell, in Dundee, where there are two waters on different height levels. They are locally called the “Swanny ponds” because there used to be a fairly large Swan population that nested on the island in the middle of the top pond. This declined enormously but has since revived and there is a burgeoning colony of Swans, Ducks and other birds.

If you Google for Tayside Model Boat Club, you will get more info.

I’m knocking on a bit (I remember old boys sailing HUGE “A” class yachts on my local pond in the 50’s) and had an R6R for a few years.

However, I now live in a much smaller place and while I would love another “6” or 10 Rater, space simply doesn’t allow it.

I had never heard of the “Footy” and stumbled on it by accident a few days ago and have been researching since then.

However, to the crux of the matter and my rules query.

The rules seem very simple and open but being so simple, interpretation is all, I believe and there seems to be conflicting information on a few points, particularly in an article by Roger Stollery (Guru of all things “Yachty”). Can’t recall the URL just now but will edit the post if I find it.

1)batteries. What is the definitive rulling on batteries? The rules simply say batteries to be contained in the hull. Stollery’s article says the batteries MUST be 4 off, “AA”'s and contained in the hull.

2)multihulls. The rules simply say the boat must be contained in the box (with specified allowances). Therefore multihulls are NOT prohibited. However, Stollery’s article also states there can only be ONE rudder. Obviously no use for a catamaran! However the rules do NOT specifically say only one rudder, they merely omit use of the qualifier “rudder(s)”, in favour of “rudder”.

I have already put together a design for a hull but would like some clarification on the above, before I proceed.

I look forward to hearing from you guys (gals??)


The new rules were passed late 2008 & on March 17th in USA. You can now use any size batteries with the trend in the USA being 3 AAA non-recharageable Lithium batteries.

Search these forums for Footy Cat to read about what’s happening in this area. I think it may be by AndyT, but I am not sure.

Hi Frank,
thanks for the swift reply.

I’m annoyed that I can’t seem to find the Stollery article but I’m reasonably sure that it was around about the date you mention above.

As to the Footy Cat, I have been reading that article with great enjoyment and in the vein of the “radical Footy” thread, I note there is NO prohibition on how many sails can be used at any given time. The rule simply says that no more than two sets of sails or rig may be used. Also there is no definition of what a “set” means???

It would be no great problem to put two rigs on a Catamaran. The rule simply states that the smaller rig must be no higher than 305mm.

I also had a notion toward sail “wings”. This would allow “filling” in the “dead” area of a standard triangular sail.

I like to keep the old brain cells going.


Sandy -

just an observation -

A multihull constrained by the FOOTY box rules will sail (float) and a few are playing with them. While a bit of a novelty, the design is greatly hampered by the box dimensions. Both a central keel and a central rudder “could” be used - but as with others - please look to design parameters for “multihulls” in general.

Hulls are extremely narrow in relation to length. To build to commonly accepted hull design would leave one with very little buoyancy. Increasing the width of the hulls to gain buoyancy and they simply become “fat” little wedges and have lost the concept of thin, easily driven hulls with little drag.

Again, I acknowledge that some have built a catamaran to fit the FOOTY box, but many of the reasons for successful multihull design are lost trying to make the silk purse from a sow’s ear. A simple box with one pointed end might prove to be more successful.

With all due respect and acknowledging the interest in development, I would suggest an alternative for a multihull that will give a much better performance, and still be small enough for pond sailing … and that would be to look at the new 65 (cm) Multihull builds that have (and are) taking place. The size allows for easy building, and decent performance (compared to the FOOTY) and yet is small enough for easy transportation - fully rigged in some cases. Besides, fewer rules that are easier to understand. :wink:

If you are just fooling at the workbench, continue with the FOOTY catamaran concept and enjoy. If you are looking for peformance, then the 65M would be a definite step up and also a 1 Meter would further improve peformance considerably. (there is also the Mini40 - 1.2 meter and the 2 Meter classes should you desire to go back to “big” little boats).

Hi Dick,
my interest in cats is historical, rather than as a Footy project and I was just throwing some thoughts in, based on the vagaries of the rules.

However, the design I’ve put together for a possible build is a monohull and as in full sized yacht designs, I was thinking about a double rudder system.

The main hassle I’m having at the minute is sourcing suitable sail material.

I have some draughting film at work but I’m pretty sure it’s 4 thou or more thick and some other threads reckon that’s too heavy.

I have to say that the concept of a sail wing IS appealing as you could basically fill a 12" square as your smallest rig, with at least 40% more effective sail area than the traditional Bermuda or swing rig.

It would be relatively simple with a sail wing to make an automatic system to register a severe list angle and release the wings, temporarily.

Anyway, just a few thoughts to mull over.