Rules Draft 3/10/05

Ideas and corrections are welcomed, [:-thumbd] [:-thumbu] particularly with regard to such things as mast height restriction, moveable ballast, etc.

Thanks…Bill Hagerup

Footy class rules , Draft only 3/10/05
A restricted development class

1/ Hull

A/ The hull must be no longer than 12 inches (306mm).
B/ Monohull only, no more than 1/8 inch (3mm) hollow in side view or plan view.
C/ Bowsprits and Bumpkins are allowed, maximum projection is 2 inches at either end of the hull.

2/ Keel(s) and Rudder(s)

A/ Overhanging rudders are permitted, maximum overhang is 2 inches (50mm).
B/ Only one set of keel(s) and rudder(s) may be used in a race or series of races, except in cases of genuine damage and then may only be replaced with similar items at the discretion of the Race Director.
C/ Ballast cannot be denser than lead.
D/ Moving ballast is prohibited.

3/ Rig(s)

A/ The top of the rig may not be higher than 20 inches (508mm) above the ?deck?. The ?deck? can be any nominated part of the yachts deck but this same point must be used in the measurement of all the yachts rigs.
B/The rig(s) may overlap the bow and stern by a maximum of 2 inches (50mm).
C/ A maximum of 3 rigs may be used in a race or series of races, the 3 rigs to be nominated before the commencement of racing.

4/ Radio Control

A/ Only 2 functions of radio control are permitted, one to control the rudder(s) only and the second to control all sails simultaneously only.
B/ All batteries must be housed inside the hull.

5/ Class Insignia and registration numbers

A/ The class Insignia shall be displayed on both sides of the top 1/3rd of the mainsail.
B/ Sail numbers issued by the national authority must be displayed on both sides of the mainsail, minimum number height is 1 inch (25mm).

Based on some comments from UK sailors, and further discussion with Brett, I’m changing the mast-height restriction from 20 to 24 inches (610mm) for improved light-air performance.

These little boats don’t always make it up into good air.